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CALS Leadership Programs Updates

CALS PROUD II Launched This Spring …
CALS PROUD is the leadership development series designed for CALS staff. On April 13th, 45 CALS staff representing the various on- and off-campus units in CALS participated in the second level of this program known as CALS PROUD II.

After a CALS staff member participates in a CALS PROUD I seminar focusing on basic leadership fundamentals, they are eligible to participate in CALS PROUD II, which is designed to address specific leadership-related topics identified by the staff. The topics for CALS PROUD II will vary from year-to-year based on the CALS staff’s feedback.

The April 13th session was entitled Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Communications. The facilitator for the Leading Self and Leading Others sessions was Dr. Marshall Stewart, special assistant to the dean. Leading participants through a process of values-based personal leadership, Stewart also provided insights on how participants can improve their skills in leading direct reports, colleagues and their supervisors (Leading Up, Leading Down, Leading Across). Leadership is not about position he said, but more about the influence one has on others.

Dr. Mitch Owen led the final CALS Proud II component, called Leading Communications. This session provided participants with tools for better understanding differing communication styles and attributes. Owen is a recently retired NC State faculty member and leadership expert who is now a private consultant. He explained that each person is different and brings unique experiences and cals.proud.II.b2perspectives. Therefore, understanding communication style differences can be helpful for anyone, regardless of their role in the organization.

CALS PROUD I will be offered again during the 2016 fall semester for CALS staff members who have not previously participated. CALS PROUD II will be offered during the 2017 spring semester and will again focus on specific topics that have been identified through staff feedback. For more information on either of these programs, contact Carol Reilly (