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Author: D'Lyn Ford

Jean Ristaino stands next to a potato plot in the backyard of Down House, Charles Darwin's home.

Feb 19, 2024

Preventing the Next Plant Plague

NC State University's Jean Ristaino will write a book on her Irish Potato Famine research and work to prevent future plant disease outbreaks while in Dublin as a Fulbright scholar. 

NC State center River Baldwin smiles as teammates congratulate her

Dec 13, 2023

Inside Strength

NC State center River Baldwin is powering toward her best season both on the basketball court and as a CALS graduate student. 

Craig Yencho and Mercy Kitavi work with sweet potato samples in a lab in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dec 12, 2023

A Patented Winner

The National Academy of Inventors named NC State University's Craig Yencho a 2023 fellow for his contributions to improved sweetpotato and potato breeding and genetics, with an impact reaching from North Carolina to Sub-Saharan Africa. 

jelly beans

Dec 4, 2023

California, Candy and Consumers

NC State experts explain how one state’s ban on four food additives could affect consumers and food processors across the country. 

Fall leaves and a berry

Oct 30, 2023

5 Native Trees To Plant for Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Thinking of adding to your landscape? Now's the time: check out these native North Carolina trees and see which one will make your yard twitter with activity. 

Man at podium

Oct 4, 2023

An Open-Door Approach to Agriculture: William Upchurch Named CALS Distinguished Alumnus

William Upchurch’s career has taken him from the fields of the family farm to a seat at the negotiating table for landmark tobacco settlements. 

Clay Beasley on a tractor in a field

Aug 16, 2023

An Extension Education

Wilson County was agricultural education major Clay Beasley's classroom this summer as he learned about NC State Extension’s vital role in supporting farmers. 

Red flowers

Jul 26, 2023

3 Reasons To Add Native Plants to Your Landscape

If you’re interested in creating a pollinator garden, songbird spot or peaceful place in your home landscape, native plants have some built-in benefits. An NC State expert has tips on getting started. 

spotted beetle on a white flower

Jun 28, 2023

Meet Pollinators That Flap, Creep or Scurry

Bees take center stage during National Pollinator Month. But did you know that not all pollinators buzz? 

glass of chocolate milk

Jun 20, 2023

How Dairy Drinks Help Fuel Athletes

Sports nutrition experts say, when it’s time for a post-workout drink, trade that gator for a cow. A Howling Cow.