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tomatoes in a basket

Aug 9, 2022

Impacting Global Food Security Through Improved Tomato Varieties

As the second most consumed vegetable in the United States and the top-produced vegetable in the world, tomatoes are essential when feeding growing populations. Meet Reza Shekasteband, an NC State researcher who is developing improved crop varieties. 

a close up photo of a Hibiscus flower

Aug 4, 2022

Cultivating Success: New Faculty Mirror Horticulture’s Evolving Trends

Horticultural Science responded to the needs and interests of its students and the green industry with three recent faculty hires, each with a different area of expertise. 

cows in a farm

Aug 1, 2022

From Robots to Customers: Exploring New Opportunities for Dairy Farmers

Alejandro Gutierrez-Li received a grant to study automatic milking systems and assess if robotic milking leads to long-term improvements in farm profitability, sustainable practices and financial resilience. 

Aerial view of downtown Raleigh

Jul 29, 2022

You Decide: Should We Worry About Fewer Youth Working?

The percentage of young people entering the workforce has been steadily declining in recent decades. What's driving this trend and what is it driving towards? 

an illustration with agriculture and life sciences

Jul 20, 2022

Plowing a New Future

NC State is looking to data, drones and other forms of technology to reshape agriculture so that farmers can continue to feed the world. 

Dr. Rachel Vann

Jul 18, 2022

The Farmer’s Ambassador: Rachel Vann Provides Practical Guidance in New PSI Role 

As the platform director for Extension Outreach and Engagement, Rachel Vann will facilitate communication between N.C. PSI research teams and NC farmers. 

an aerial view of skyline in downtown raleigh

Jul 15, 2022

You Decide: Are We Already in a Recession?

The word recession has been floating around public discourse recently. What does it mean, and what do the numbers show? 

three red cows in a pasture

Jul 7, 2022

NC State Now Home to All Major Dairy Breeds

With help from NC State's Animal Science Club, the Howling Cow herd is finally complete with all seven major dairy breeds. NC State is the first and only university to be home to all of the breeds. 

a joro spider on a web

Jul 7, 2022

One Giant Leap: Joro Spiders in North Carolina

It may be a bit soon to brand this giant spider as the Big Friendly Joro (BFJ), but it’s certainly not a menacing threat. 

an aerial view of skyline in downtown raleigh

Jul 1, 2022

You Decide: How Can We Slow the Increase in Home Prices?

Home prices have been rising rapidly in recent years. What approaches can be taken to face this issue?