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June 2012

Jun 29, 2012

Super-low interest rates

Recently there was an interest-rate record set. N.C. State University’s Mike Walden explains what it was and what it means for the economy. 

Jun 28, 2012

Ask an Expert All Stars honored for service

Linda Brandon, Master Gardener volunteer coordinator for N.C. Cooperative Extension in Guilford County, is at her computer quite a bit, assisting county homeowners with home garden questions. Brandon was among five N.C. Cooperative Extension professionals recognized as Ask an Expert All Stars by Extension Information Technology for quick responses to client questions asked through Extension’s Ask an Expert widget over the past year. 

Jun 28, 2012

Progress on global warming

Greenhouse gas emissions, which are linked to global warming, are certainly a big issue in our country and the world. Do we appear to be making any progress with the problem? N.C. State University economist Mike Walden responds. 

Jun 27, 2012

App taps kids’ interest in technology to open door to gardening and the out of doors

A new electronic game from UNC-TV and North Carolina Cooperative Extension is designed to get kids interested in spending time outdoors growing their own fruits and vegetables. 

Jun 27, 2012

Tyre Lanier named IFT Fellow

Dr. Tyre Lanier, professor of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences, has been named a Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists. 

Jun 27, 2012

Hay Field Day to be held July 12

Hay production will be the focus of a July 12 field day at the Mountain Research Station in Waynesville. The event is sponsored by N.C. State University and the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. 

Jun 27, 2012

Housing wealth and spending

The decline in home prices during the recession has had widespread impacts on the economy, and, as N.C. State University economist Mike Walden explains, those effects have been different for different kinds of households. 

Jun 26, 2012

Land-grant universities honored with Borlaug Medallion

In recognition of the many contributions that land-grant universities like N.C. State University have made to improving food production, the World Food Prize has awarded its Borlaug Medallion to U.S. land-grant universities. This year, as N.C. State celebrates its 125th anniversary, land-grant universities across the country also are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Morrill Act of 1862 that started the land-grant system. 

Jun 26, 2012

The inter-related economy

One of the benefits of studying economics is learning about how the many parts are connected. Most people understand this from a supply point of view. For example, Company A purchases supplies from Company B, which in turn buys from Company C. But do we see this same kind of connectedness in the job market? N.C. State University economist Mike Walden responds. 

Jun 25, 2012

Benefits of more education

The rising cost of higher education has renewed interest in the value of that education for the student. What do the latest data show?