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Jocelyn Dixon, MS, MPH, RDN, LDN

Assistant Director of the Food-based Early Education Lab

4101 Beryl Road


Jocelyn B. Dixon is the assistant director and research project coordinator for the Food-based Early Education (FEEd) Lab in the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences at North Carolina State University. Jocelyn has worked with the FEEd Lab since 2016. Her expertise is in qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, team and project management, stakeholder engagement, research quality control, and educational resource development. In her new role, she will manage new and existing grant-funded programs (e.g., More PEAS Please!) as well as provide support for Agents/Educators through training, resource development, and more! Jocelyn is a Registered (RDN) and Licensed Dietitian (LDN) in North Carolina.

Programs and Initiatives

  • The More PEAS Please! Program for Early Childhood Educators

Contributing Websites

Professional Honors/Offices/Recognitions

  • 2022: The Berbecker Foundation Fellowship in Health Sciences, College of Allied Health Sciences at East Carolina University
  • 2022: The Gail Jordan Memorial Scholarship, East Carolina University
  • 2021: Scholarship recipient, Society for Nutrition Education & Behavior Foundation
  • 2021: The Louise O. Burevitch Memorial Scholarship, College of Allied Health Sciences at East Carolina University

Selected Publications

  • Dixon, J., Hegde, A., Goodell, L.S., Arnold, N., Swindle T., Dev, D., Mendez, L., McMillan, V., Lee, T., Stage, V. (2023). Integration of Food-based Learning with Science in the Preschool Classroom: Implementation Gaps and Opportunities. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 55:266-284.
  • Stage, VC., Resor, J., Dixon, J., Hegde, A., Mendez, LI., Lee, T., Breinholt, R, Goodell, LS., McMillan, V., Gilliam, EM. (2023). More PEAS Please! Teaching Teachers How to Integrate Food-based Learning Into Preschool Science. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 55:457-463.
  • Stage, V.C., Jones, L., Bayles, J., Hegde, A.V., Dev, D.A., & Goodell, L.S. (2020). Eastern North Carolina Head Start Teachers’ personal and professional experiences with healthy eating and physical activity: a qualitative exploration. Public Health Nutrition, 24:3460-3476.
  • Mendez L., Lee, T., Hegde, A., McMillan, V., Dixon, J., Goodell, S., Stage, VC. (2023). Let’s Talk: Linking Science and Language Learning in the Preschool Classroom. Young Children.
  • Bayles J, Peterson AD, Jilcott Pitts S, Bian H, Goodell LS, Hegde AV, Stage VC. (2020). Food-based STEAM Learning Activities May Reduce Decline in Preschoolers’ Skin Carotenoid Status. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 53: 343-351. 
  • Burkholder S, Jilcott Pitts S, Wu Q, Bayles J, Baybutt R, Stage VC. (2020). Skin Carotenoid Status Over Time and Differences by Age and Sex Among Head Start Children (3-5 years) Living in Eastern North Carolina. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 53: 103-109. 
  • Stage VC, Goodell LS, Chase S, McDonald S, Hegde AV, Bayles J, Jones L. (2020). Eating Smart Moving More for Head Start: A Pilot Study. Journal of Extension, 59:1.
  • Stage, V.C., Bayles, J., Jones, L., Hegde, A.V., Dev, D.A. & Goodell, L.S. (2019). Social Ecological Determinants of Head Start Teachers’ Personal and Professional Experiences with Healthy Eating and Physical Activity: A Phenomenological Approach. Journal of Extension.
  • Bayles J, Kolasa, KM. (2019, October 23). Consider Sugar Free Trick or Treat Alternatives. Daily Reflector.


BS Foreign Languages and Literature East Carolina University

BS Nutrition and Dietetics East Carolina University

MS Nutrition Science East Carolina University

MS Public Health East Carolina University

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist/Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Nutrition Education
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection and Analysis
  • Nutrition
  • Team and Project Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Academic Writing
  • Research Quality Control