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Madison Aloia Selected as Cadwell Fellow

Congratulations to Madison Aloia, a freshman majoring in agricultural science within the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences (AHS), for being selected as a Caldwell Fellow! The Caldwell Fellow program recognizes outstanding first-year students at NC State University who demonstrate exceptional leadership potential and a commitment to making a positive impact in their fields of study. As a Caldwell Fellow, Aloia will have access to a range of resources and opportunities to facilitate the goal of maximizing the college experience through programming and leadership training and fostering collaborative interaction with alumni, faculty, and community partners.

Dr. Travis Park, a professor in the AHS department, nominated Aloia. He wrote in his nomination letter that “Madison is a learner, an opportunity-seeker and is fully invested in the NC State experience. Many of our students opt to return home to their farms or families on the weekends but Madison prefers to remain on campus to take advantage of the full, 24-7 campus experience.”  Aloia hopes to continue her education through at least a Masters Degree and pursue a career in advocating for agriculture through working directly with both growers and policy makers. As far as her selection as a Caldwell Fellow, Aloia stated that “I am excited to become part of a community on campus that will allow me to grow as a servant leader and pursue my passions through experiential learning opportunities.” Congratulations again to Aloia on being selected as a Caldwell Fellow. We wish you all the best in your academic and professional endeavors!