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state of change

Apr 20, 2023

Earth Day Special Highlights Soil-Based Solutions

In a new Earth Day broadcast special, PBS NC examines natural solutions to carbon removal and carbon capture to mitigate North Carolina’s evolving climate impacts. The special feature N.C. PSI faculty, Alex Woodley. 

christmas tree farm

Dec 6, 2022

Scientists Prepare for Exploding Christmas Tree Seeds

A new seed facility will help NC State researchers prepare for the next generation of Fraser fir Christmas trees selected for their superior traits. 

Sweet-Apps Team

Nov 9, 2022

Sweet-APPS Yielding Sweet Success

Sweet-APPS Yielding Sweet Success From deploying innovative sensors to creating productive relationships with stakeholders, the Sweetpotato Analytics for Produce Provenance and Scanning project has had a rewarding first two years. 

researcher stands out in a crop field

Oct 11, 2022

New Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration Will Tackle Global Challenges

A new collaboration between NC State and the Technical University of Denmark aims to uncover new biology-based methods for CO2 management and sustainable fertilizer production. 

corn with ear worm

Sep 5, 2022

Soil Temperature Can Predict Pest Spread in Crops

Researchers use historical soil temperature data to learn about – and predict – overwintering success of the nasty corn earworm. 

Ph.D. candidate Camilo H. Parada Rojas, right, works in the lab with mentor Lina Quesada-Ocampo, Ph.D.

Aug 15, 2022

The Power of Mentorship

Through intentional mentorship, industry training and job preparedness, FFAR Fellow Camilo H. Parada Rojas understands what it takes to get science to the field. 

NC State Plant Science Building

Aug 9, 2022

OIT empowers university research

OIT has partnered with N.C. PSI and CALS IT to acquire new positions that will help meet the research data needs of N.C. PSI and beyond. 


Jul 25, 2022

When Crops Eat First

NC State researchers investigate if enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) could benefit both farm profitability and the environment. 

Adrian Percy Headshot

Jul 20, 2022

All Coming Together

With the new NC State University Plant Sciences Building open, the new hub of plant science innovation is coming to life with interdisciplinary teams working together to solve some of agriculture’s biggest challenges. Learn what we are up to, and meet our final two platform directors: Rachel Vann and Terri Long. 

Digital art from NC State Alumni Mag article about PSI

Jun 1, 2022

Plowing a New Future

NC State is looking to data, drones and other forms of technology to reshape agriculture so that farmers can continue to feed the world.