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The future of technology

Anyone who’s lived in the last generation or even the last century has seen the wonders brought about by new technology. N.C. State University economist Mike Walden takes a look at some of the technological advances that experts see happening in the future.

“This is really fun, because if you read and talk to these technological experts — people in physics and other areas — they see a whole new world out there coming. And it’s really hard for those of us who aren’t in those fields to imagine. But very briefly they see, for example, (that) computing power certainly will increase.

“They see a day, for example, when we will not access the internet on a phone or a laptop, but through internet glasses or contacts that we blink, and there’s the internet right in our face.

“They see self-healing clothes. When I read this, I found this amazing where if you are cut or injured, your clothes will be able to heal you at least temporarily until you get to a hospital.

“They see a day when there will be an advanced detection of diseases and illnesses. You will get in essence a body scan automatically every day and that will be sent to your doctor, and they’ll be able to get a warning many many years  in advance of whether you’re going to have a problem.

“They see, for example, hovering vehicles that get incredible gas mileage because there’s no friction. See a day when perhaps human organs can be rebuilt.

“So, these are all fascinating areas.  Some may come true.  Some may not.  But clearly change is on the horizon.”