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Apr 12, 2019

You Decide: How Does North Carolina Stack Up On Taxes?

Have you ever wondered how North Carolina stacks up against other states on taxes?

Mar 29, 2019

You Decide: Can Economics Help With Basic Decisions?

What are some ways economics lessons can be applied to your daily life? NC State economist Mike Walden shows ways these can impact your decisions.

Mar 15, 2019

You Decide: Are There Best Ways for Using Debt?

Have questions about the best way to approach debt? NC State University economist Mike Walden provides answers to two questions on debt and how to use it.

Mar 1, 2019

You Decide: Are Professional Sports Players Overpaid?

Every year it seems sports contract sets a new record in amount paid. What justifies these massive salaries, and are there principles behind it that can be applied to other workers?

Feb 15, 2019

You Decide: Can We Fix Social Security?

Questions about whether Social Security will run out of it's surplus in the future have been around for decades. What can be done in the future to prevent that outcome?

Feb 1, 2019

You Decide: Should the Fed Push or Pause?

What are the basics of how the Fed operates, and what are the implications of the actions they take?

Jan 18, 2019

You Decide: How Can We Address Our Transportation Issues?

What are the challenges our transportation system faces, and how can we address them in the future?

Jan 4, 2019

You Decide: Can Opportunity Zones Boost Local Economies?

Opportunity zones are used as incentives to encourage investments, but there are questions about how effective the method is. NC State economist Mike Walden breaks down some of the outcomes.

Dec 21, 2018

You Decide: Will the Economy Retreat in 2019?

With 2019 fast approaching, what does NC State economist Mike Walden think the future holds for the country?

Dec 7, 2018

You Decide: What Can the NFL Teach Us About Business?

The NFL has grown in almost 100 years to perhaps the most successful professional sports franchise. Through their years, are there lessons for other businesses?