You Decide

Jun 8, 2018

You Decide: How Will the Workforce Change?

With the improvements in automation and artificial intelligence, the workforce faces new challenges. How will the workforce change and adapt with evolving technology?

May 25, 2018

You Decide: Is It Time for a Mileage Tax?

Revenue from the gas tax has taken a hit with improved fuel-efficiency and electric vehicles. Is it time to find alternatives to cover road maintenance?

May 11, 2018

You Decide: Is There a Solution for the Generational Clash?

Many experts see an emerging "generational clash" over how public resources should be allocated. What does this mean?

Apr 27, 2018

You Decide: Should We Pay Amazon to Come to North Carolina?

With the final 20 cities picked for Amazon's second headquarters, what will it take to lure the company to it's new home? What's involved in luring a massive company like Amazon to North Carolina?

Apr 13, 2018

You Decide: What’s Worrying the Stock Market?

The stock market has been in a correction for most of 2018. What factors have influenced the market, and it's trends?

Mar 30, 2018

You Decide: Can We Reduce Invisible Unemployment?

While the unemployment rate has been falling, can the same be said for those who have stopped actively looking for work? Can communities reduce this number of invisible unemployment?

Mar 16, 2018

You Decide: How Can Affordable Housing Be Increased?

As growth in big cities has outpaced growth elsewhere, the price of shelter increased. Lower income households can either live in smaller and crowded housing closer to their jobs in the city, or live farther away where prices are lower but commutes are longer. How can housing be affordable for more people?

Mar 2, 2018

You Decide: Will the National Debt Sink Us?

There are many questions when it comes to the national debt. NC State economist Dr. Mike Walden addresses some of the questions he hears the most.

Feb 16, 2018

You Decide: Will a Direct Flight to China Boost the State Economy?

With talk of nonstop flights connecting North Carolina and China coming in the future, what impacts could such an arrangement hold for the state?

Feb 2, 2018

You Decide: Will the New Tax Law’s Inflation Measure Cost You?

The new federal income tax law is full of changes, including those to the inflation measure. What do the changes to the inflation measure mean for you?