CALS Strategic Planning Review

Thank you to all who responded to the CALS Strategic Planning Steering Committee’s request for feedback concerning the college’s proposed core purpose, big audacious goal, mission, core values and principles, and 15 strategic goals. The submission period has closed, and responses to the following proposed statements are being reviewed.

Core Purpose

To lead discovery, learning, and engagement for the welfare of North Carolina, our nation and the world.

Big Audacious Goal

We are the global leader in agriculture, integrating discovery, learning and economic development with food, environment, energy and life sciences.


The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University leads discovery, learning and engagement by creating and disseminating knowledge, empowering significant advances in science and technology and driving economic development for the welfare of North Carolina, our nation and the world. As a land-grant institution, our mission requires an interdisciplinary approach to find new scientific breakthroughs and the translation of discoveries to meet grand challenges and societal needs involving farming, food, fiber, feed, families, health, energy and water.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

We value the land-grant mission. Integration of research teaching and cooperative extension advances effective and impactful learning, discovery, translation application and engagement.

We value and insist on ethical behavior. Accountability to stakeholders and ourselves  ensures that our discoveries and contributions are credible, relevant, and respected.

We value diversity and the goal of providing equal educational opportunities. A diverse college community of faculty staff and students enhances our success and promotes  individual and collective growth and economic opportunity.

We value a student-focus in all activities. Students with broad educational experience are empowered to improve communities and meet future challenges.

We value programmatic impact. We foster an environment for discovery, innovation and application of knowledge to be proactive and remain relevant to the needs  of our stakeholders.

We value excellence in scholarship, leadership and service. Excellence in all endeavors creates an atmosphere of success that encourages achievement and builds leadership to advance our university, communities, state, nation and the world.

We value discovery and lifelong learning. Critical thinkers and life-long learners possess the skills to succeed and generate innovative solutions to societal grand challenges.

We value open and respectful exchange of ideas. A  climate of respect and dignity for all individuals fosters collaborative solutions that result in robust and rich  discoveries and innovation.

15 College-wide Goals

  1. CALS’ integrated programs will improve the state’s economy.
  2. CALS will have the highest retention, graduation and job placement rates in the UNC system.
  3. CALS along with its international partners will be a leader in alleviating worldwide poverty and hunger.
  4. CALS will integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines into the K-12 pipeline to increase the  number of scientists in North Carolina.
  5. CALS will deliver innovative leadership development programs that are in worldwide demand.


  1. CALS faculty will be internationally recognized for their research, teaching and extension.
  2. CALS will create an innovative rewards system resulting in high recruitment and retention of top ranked faculty and staff.
  3. CALS will create issue teams that are recognized for solving local, state and  global grand challenges.
  4. CALS will exhibit an inclusive and diverse  environment resulting in recruitment and retention of the best and the brightest faculty, staff and students.
  5. CALS faculty, staff and students will be proactive leaders in the college, state and around the world due to the creation of a robust professional development program.


  1. University community and stakeholders will prosper from innovative people, programs and partnerships that enhance College research and infrastructure.
  2. CALS will establish regional agreements with other universities for interdisciplinary programs through pooled funding.
  3. High school graduates from rural North Carolina will be provided a pathway to successful enrollment and timely graduation with a CALS degree.
  4. CALS will be the world leader in addressing grand societal challenges in food, agriculture, energy and the environment.
  5. CALS will be the preferred partner for federal and state agencies and legislators for policy research and education in food, agriculture and the environment.
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