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Author: Krystal Lynch

Young woman with protective glasses working in a lab

Mar 25, 2024

Lab to Life: Research, Empathy and Belonging

Nutrition science major Isatou Kah blends research, heartfelt volunteerism and dynamic campus involvement to foster a climate of inclusivity and excellence at NC State. 

Man in red hat and blue gloves pointing speaking to students

Feb 27, 2024

Funding Boosts Agricultural Institute’s Career Readiness Programs

Funding of nearly $1 million from the Golden LEAF Foundation has bolstered the Agricultural Institute with support for new programs aimed at increasing student recruitment and enhancing job readiness.  

Young woman standing in front of a market building

Jan 22, 2024

From Distance Learning to Community Farming

Gabrielle Buchanan thrived in the CALS agricultural science distance education program, developing skills that now boost her role as a volunteer services coordinator at Raleigh’s Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. 

Three young woman posing in front of a red patterned wall

Nov 6, 2023

In Their Own Words: CALS First-Generation Students

In honor of First Generation Celebration Week, CALS recognizes the diversity within the first-generation community and explores how their experiences contribute to the university's richness. 

Three women in a lab working

Oct 13, 2023

Alejandra Huerta Champions Diversity in STEM Education

Alejandra Huerta's passion for agriculture and plant pathology research matches her advocacy for diversity in STEM education and leadership roles. 

Young man standing in an assembly room smiling.

Aug 18, 2023

Customer Service with Precision

Coastal AgroBusiness intern and AGI student Hunter Williams is learning the value of customer service while working alongside CALS alumni in precision agriculture. 

Female student sitting on rocky Irish coast

Jun 26, 2023

Third-Generation Beekeeper Explores Irish Agricultural Practices

CALS alumna and third-generation beekeeper Jessie Cline immersed herself in Irish culture while advancing her passion for honey bees. 

Man with glasses in blue shirt smiling

Jun 20, 2023

Creating Space for Healing

Counselor Luke Strawn shares how he supports CALS students’ mental health, equips faculty and staff to address students' wellness needs. 

Young woman smiling

Jun 7, 2023

Black Farmers Address Mental Health and Find Strength in Community

Black farmers like Temika Parker find that building social support networks is critical to circumventing systemic inequities in the farming industry and improving their mental health. 

Woman smiling in front of a brick wall

May 10, 2023

Distance Education Student Balances Family and Academic Life

New York native and small farmer Michelle Case balances family and work while pursuing her online bachelor’s degree in agricultural science.