We Grow NC to Highlight Impact of CALS and Extension

CALS launches We Grow NC, a new statewide educational campaign highlighting how our research, academics, and Extension is making a difference every day in communities across the state.

A series of television and radio public service announcements and digital messaging will tout the many ways what we Think and Do improves economies, creates opportunities and helps rural students find their path to NC State, while also providing research-based solutions for local communities. TV and radio will run from May until November. Digital messaging will be placed on websites sporadically throughout the year primarily targeting key events across the state.

“We want to call attention to the many ways that NC State and CALS is fulfilling our land-grant mission – delivering the best science to the people who, in turn, put it to work for a stronger state,” said Richard H. Linton, CALS’ Dean.

The We Grow NC campaign is built around five strategic themes: We Grow Opportunities; We Grow Solutions; We Grow Communities; We Grow Economies; We Grow Talent.

“NC State is here for North Carolina. We help farmers build more productive, more profitable businesses, and we are helping build new industry to sustain North Carolina’s agricultural economy. We are helping connect North Carolinians to where their food comes from and teaching them about healthy, sustainable choices. And most importantly, we are preparing youth to fill our state’s need for a knowledgeable, prepared workforce,” Linton said.