Extension Webinar with Dean Linton on Feb. 6

All Extension employees are encouraged to join a webinar with College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Dean Richard Linton on February 6.
Dean Linton will address key topics raised in last year’s CALS employee survey, as well as seek employee input regarding challenges they’re facing and opportunities for the college and Extension to work more closely.
Thank you to those who shared questions and feedback in preparation for this call – Dean Linton will address as many of those as he can during the webinar. There will also be an opportunity for live questions submitted through Zoom’s chat feature.
Webinar Details

Survey results can be viewed beforehand by visiting Howl About CALS. This resource can also be used to submit additional feedback after the webinar.
All Extension employees are encouraged to participate and help guide the strategic direction of our college and partnership. I look forward to this opportunity to hear from Dean Linton and I trust that Extension will be well represented statewide.