Essentially CALS: Anthony Buckner

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The third floor of Patterson Hall hums with computer equipment every hour of the day, but now, like most of campus, the space that is typically home to CALS Information Technology is much quieter.

Although many of us are working from home, a few necessary people must physically stay on campus to keep the CALS Community up and running.

There doesn’t seem to be a challenge that Anthony cannot take on.

Anthony Buckner, CALS technology support specialist, is one of those people.

Serving as the “on-campus contact for everything we’re doing,” Buckner is “receiving, distributing purchases, managing walk-in appointments for support and handling any on-campus situations like the dean’s Town Hall, said Jamie Dennis, Buckner’s boss and CALS systems specialist.

Never backing down from a challenge, Buckner always finds creative and innovative solutions for issues sent his way. During this unfamiliar time, Buckner’s attributes are shining bright and his colleagues have noticed. As a vital asset to CALS IT, his work touches every department in the college and beyond.

“Anthony is amazing. He stands ready to help in any way he can,” says Dean Richard Linton. “As the COVID-19 situation began and I needed some immediate help in setting up my office to accommodate all of my new online needs, he was there in a flash and out in a dash.”White male sitting on the floor holding PVC piping.

Denise Luken, CALS IT assistant director, says, “There doesn’t seem to be a challenge that Anthony cannot take on.”

In the near future, Buckner will lead the effort in preparing the learning spaces and AV plans for the NC State University Plant Sciences Building.

Thank you for all you do for everyone at CALS.

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