Words of Appreciation

Statue of Kay Yow
 In celebration of Employee Appreciation Day on March 4, Interim Dean Dole gives thanks to the CALS Community.


Dear CALS employees,

We continued to face challenges, and as a college, we experienced a myriad of changes. As interim dean of CALS, what has stood out to me is your resilience and commitment to CALS and all we are trying to do. This college has a huge impact on the people and businesses of North Carolina, and that has continued unabated.

Despite the obstacles, we have not only persevered but also helped protect each other’s physical and mental health. We continue to serve our students’ educational needs and pay attention to their mental and emotional well-being with counseling support services. Our vital research and Extension programs remain strong in advancing discoveries and delivering solutions to our citizens and stakeholders.  

Together, we can look forward to a bright 2022. Your work and dedication to fulfilling our land-grant mission have helped NC State rank as the top large employer in NC. In April, we will celebrate a milestone for this college – the opening of the NC State University Plant Sciences Building. We continue to explore incentives to retain and reward employees, and I’m particularly excited to welcome new faculty and staff to our community.

The State of North Carolina and our NC State University community formally celebrate our employees with an official Employee Appreciation Week in the late spring. However, I would be remiss not to acknowledge national Employee Appreciation Day today and share my gratitude for your passion in making us “Stronger as a Pack.” 

Let’s not wait. Celebrate the extraordinary contributions of faculty and staff through the many awards and recognition programs at NC State. See someone doing great work? PAWS and Say Thanks to them.

I look forward to celebrating with everyone at the planned university and college events this spring in Raleigh and across the state.

On behalf of the CALS administrative team, thank you for all you do. 


John Dole, interim dean