2017 Fall CALS Proud Staff I: An Opportunity for CALS EHRA and SHRA Staff

Three women speaking

On behalf of Dean Linton and the CALS Proud Planning Team, you are invited to take part in the annual 2017 CALS Proud Staff I workshop scheduled for Wednesday, November 8, 2017 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in 4280 Talley Student Union.  The main focus of CALS Proud Staff is to provide opportunities for our employees to become more connected to the amazing work done each and every day by those in our College.

CALS Proud Staff I provides a focus on leading, learning and growing by having participants take part in the “True Colors” assessment to build self-awareness and learn tools for how to have a positive work environment.  Each participant will also receive a free copy of the book, “The Energy Bus.”

CALS Proud Staff I is universally applicable and it connects, as well as reinforces, the following key themes from our College’s mission, core values and Strategic Plan:

  • Building Community – Sharing Stories
  • Building Trust – Changing Attitudes
  • Building Communication – Networking
  • Building Accountability – Commitment
  • Building Value – CALS Proud

We are able to provide this workshop due to the generosity of our facilitators who volunteer their time to lead our participants through this thoughtful and engaging program.  The workshop is free; it also includes lunch and break service for those who attend.

This program is open to both EHRA and SHRA employees including, but not limited to:  Extension Associates/Assistants, Research Associates, Coordinators, Managers, Senior Research Scholars, Research Technicians, Administrative Staff, County Operations employees, etc.

You must register for this event by Friday September 8, 2017 at this link:

Please note: Our goal is to have 2 to 3 representatives from each department/unit take part in the 2017 CALS Proud Staff I.  However, space is limited and we will have a wait list.  Therefore, we will email confirmation of your registration by Friday, September 15, 2017.
If you have any questions, please contact either Dr. Rhonda Sutton at rhonda_sutton@ncsu.edu or Carol Reilly at creilly@ncsu.edu.