Mar 29, 2022

A Conversation with Ecological Artist Eleanor Quist Costello Olson

Listen in on a conversation with artist Eleanor Olson, who was inspired by the wildlife in their home and the work of Rob Dunn.

Mar 15, 2022

Counting Bees Needs A Recalibration

New research by Elsa and Emma confirms that one of the key tools used to assess bee diversity and population size is flawed, but measurable.

Mar 14, 2022

Harkema Scholarships for Off Campus Experiences Now Accepting Applications

Applications for the Harkema Fund Scholarships for Off Campus Experiences are due April 6th

Mar 9, 2022

The Deep Past and the Deep Future

Robb Dunn chats with Linsday Zanno to get her paleontological insights on her thoughts about the future. 

Jan 14, 2022

Cara Kowalchyk Wins 2022 CSGS Master’s Thesis Award

Congratulations to AEC alum Cara Kowalchyk for being awarded the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools' 2022 Master's Thesis Award!

Dec 13, 2021

Updates From Our 2021 Bee Hoteliers

Participants from the 2021 Bee Hotel Build-a-Long share the results from installing their bee hotels over the summer.

Dec 7, 2021

Dunn’s “Delicious” Makes New Scientist’s List of Best New Books of 2021

Rob Dunn and Monica Sanchez's new book "Delicious" makes the list of New Scientists's Best Books of 2021.

Dec 2, 2021

Collaborative Study Identifies Urgent Need to Prioritize Freshwater Biodiversity Research

Alonso Ramirez joins a team of researchers from 90 scientific institutions worldwide to call for better research and protection of freshwater biodiversity.

Nov 23, 2021

Remembering Tom Kwak

We remember Prof. Thomas J. Kwak, who suddenly passed away on November 19, 2021 ​​while visiting his hometown of Momence, IL.

Sep 9, 2021

What Are Those Bug Tents Along the Greenway?

Have you noticed these tents along the greenway this summer? They're applied ecology in action with Sarah Parsons and Elsa Youngsteadt!