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PDPS Professor Edgar Oviedo Coordinates 2017 Intestinal Health Workshop at NC State

PDPS Dr. Edgar Oviedo (left) and DSM Nutritional Products LTD Marketing Director, Ole Svendsen (right), attend a social and dinner at NC State University Club.

On June 20-22, NC State Prestage Department of Poultry Science (PDPS) Professor Edgar Oviedo, DVM, PhD., Dipl. ACPV, conducted the 2017 Intestinal Health Workshop, sponsored by DSM Nutritional Products LTD, a world leading supplier of vitamins, carotenoids and other nutritional markets in animal health and nutrition, human nutrition and heart, as well as personal care and aroma ingredients.

Animal and human health specialists from all over the world gathered at NC State Hunt Library to discuss various topics like gut health, the effect of micro-ions modulating on intestinal health, gut homeostasis in avians, feed mill practices, salmonella and more.

Dr. Oviedo said that we collaborate with companies for multiple reasons, one of which is because NC State is constantly looking for global outreach.  “By hosting and coordinating events such as the Intestinal Health Workshop with companies in the industry like DSM Nutritional Products, we are enhancing our outreach efforts.”

He said, “DSM has such a large global impact and is so widely known that it makes our job easier here at NC State to make global contacts and share our research and mission.”

Ole Svendsen, Marketing Director at DSM, said that having a connection to a university that is heavily invested in research such as NC State is pivotal for a company’s success.  “It is crucial for us to have this relationship with NC State because we are a science-based company.  We are very dependent on having connections such as these so that we can enhance our products and research — it was really a unique opportunity for us to organize this with the faculty here at NC State.”

Group collaborations and roundtable discussions were a part of the workshop.  Attendees were able to come together and share their global knowledge to discuss solutions to prominent issues regarding gut health in avians, specifically, as well as other animals in the agricultural industry.  Discussions also involved how to appeal to the average consumer while still being able to feed the growing population.

Attendees of the workshop were given tours of Hunt Library, the NC State Feed Mill, College of Veterinary Medicine and the University Club.

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