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Jeff White

Associate Professor

Soil Fertility

Emeritus Faculty

Williams Hall 3207


Research interests include site-specific soil fertility, productivity, and nutrient management for precision agriculture and land application of biosolids, with an emphasis on remote sensing and related geospatial technologies. Current research aims to characterize soil spatial variability and determine its effects on crop productivity and on the environmental impacts of agriculture and land application of biosolids on soil and water quality. In principle, nutrient-use efficiency and environmental stewardship can be improved by tailoring management to accommodate natural and anthropogenic soil spatial variability. Other research includes studies on: crop productivity, soil moisture relationships, and soil physical properties in different tillage systems; the effects of biochar on crop productivity and soil physical and chemical properties; and the use of aerial and satellite remote sensing (passive microwave radiometry and radar) to estimate soil moisture. A variety of remote sensing techniques such as ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic induction measurement of soil electrical conductivity are being used to characterize soils and manage them for agriculture and wetland restoration. Previous research has included studies of the effects of tillage and fertilization timing on N-use efficiency in corn, relationships between soil spatial variability and sweetpotato production, soil micronutrient mapping using geostatistics and GIS, and Farming Systems Research in Burundi (Africa).


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