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Tomislav Vukina

Professor and Extension Economist

Nelson Hall 3332

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Tomislav Vukina is a Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at North Carolina State University.  He earned his Ph.D. in Economics – Marine Resources from the University of Rhode Island in 1991, and came to NCSU in 1993. Dr. Vukina is the author of numerous refereed journal articles, research bulletins, and extension, business and trade publications. Among many other outlets, he has published in International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Journal of Labor Economics, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Health Economics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, and Land Economics. His research and extension programs are focused on economic organization of agriculture, economics of incentives and information, and personnel economics. He is nationally and internationally known by his work in economics of agricultural contracts and economics of the poultry industry. He has been invited on numerous occasions by industry leaders, producer associations, government officials, advocacy groups, lawyers and mass media to give talks and provide professional assessments and commentaries regarding a variety of issues related to poultry industry and agricultural contracts in general. He teaches courses in microeconomics, industrial organization and agricultural contracts and advises graduate students writing dissertations in various fields of applied microeconomics. Dr. Vukina coordinated many domestic and international projects and served as a consultant to governments, NGOs, and public and private companies.

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ARE 301 Intermediate Microeconomics
ARE 425 Contracts and Organizations in Agriculture
ECG 701 Microeconomics I

Recently Published

Oh, S.E., Vukina, T. Estimating Parental Demand for Children’s Screen Time in a Model of Family Labor Supply. International Advances in Economic Research 28, 69–89 (2022).

Oh, S. E. and T. Vukina. “The price of cage-free eggs: Social cost of Proposition 12 in California.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 104 (4) (2022): 1293–1326.

Zheng, Y., T. Vukina and X. Zheng. Risk Aversion, Moral Hazard and Gender Differences in Health Care Utilization. The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review 46 (2021): 35-60. DOI:‌10.1057/s10713-020-00048-x

Working Papers

Moschini, G., S.E. Oh and T. Vukina. “Animal Welfare Ballot Initiative Outcomes and Consumption Decisions: California’s Proposition 12.”

Rozowski, C. and T. Vukina. “Production Quotas, Competition and Farm Values: A Chronicle of the Swine Industry in North Carolina.”

Most Cited Publications

Hog operations, environmental effects, and residential property values

The league composition effect in tournaments with heterogeneous players: An empirical analysis of broiler contracts

Integrator contracts with many agents and bankruptcy