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Mitch Renkow

Professor Emeritus

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Mitch Renkow engages in research and extension activities focused on domestic (U.S.) community and rural development and international development.  His work in community and rural development has spanned a number of topic areas, including rural-urban land use issues, local public finance, solid waste management, diffusion impacts of and broadband, and the economics of local food systems.  His research program in international development focuses on on issues of technology adoption, determinants of market participation, and the aggregate and distributional impacts of agricultural research.

Recent Publications
1. Dinterman, Robert F. and Mitch Renkow. 2017. “Evaluation of USDA’s Broadband Loan Program: Impacts on Broadband Provision.” Telecommunications Policy 41(2): 140-153.
2. Kandilov, Amy, Ivan Kandilov, Xiangping Liu, and Mitch Renkow. 2017. “The Impact of Broadband on U.S. Agriculture: An Evaluation of the USDA Broadband Loan Program.” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 39: in press.
3. Slade, Roger and Mitch Renkow. 2015. “Independence or Influence: Tradeoffs in Development Policy Research,” in David Sahn (ed.), The Fight Against Hunger and Malnutrition: The Role of Food, Agriculture, and Targeted Policies. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 393-416.
4. Jeuck, James, Frederick Cubbage, Robert Abt, Robert Bardon, James McCarter, John Coulston, and Mitch Renkow. 2014. “Assessing Independent Variables Used in Econometric Modeling Forest Land Use or Land Cover Change: A Meta-analysis.”  Forests 5(7): 1532-1564.
5. Frey, Gregory E., Hugo E. Fassola, A. Nahuel Pachas, Luis Colcombet, Santiago M. Lacorte, Mitch Renkow, Oscar Pérez, and Frederick W. Cubbage. 2012. “A Within-Farm Efficiency Comparison of Silvopasture Systems with Conventional Pasture and Forestry in Northeast Argentina.” Land Economics 88(4): 639-657.
6. Frey, Gregory E., Hugo E. Fassola, A. Nahuel Pachas, Luis Colcombet, Santiago M. Lacorte, Oscar Pérez, Mitch Renkow, Sarah T. Warren, and Frederick W. Cubbage. 2012. “Perceptions of Silvopasture Systems Among Adopters in Northeast Argentina.” Agricultural Systems 105(1): 21-32.

Top Publications
Rural infrastructure, transactions costs and market participation in Kenya
Commuting, migration, and rural‐urban population dynamics
The impacts of CGIAR research: A review of recent evidence
Employment growth, worker mobility, and rural economic development

Courses Taught

540 Economic Development (master’s level)


Midterm I
Midterm II
Final Exam


History of Development Economics Thought
Neoclassical Growth History
Criteria for Welfare Evaluation
LDC Agriculture Basics
Agricultural Household Models
Technology Adoption
Distribution Effects of Technical Change
Agrarian Institutions
Government Intervention

ECG 740 Economic Development (Ph.D level)



Agricultural Household Models

Crop Production, Marketed Surplus and Risk

Technology Adoption and Diffusion



On-Line Publications/Presentation/Materials

  • Renkow, Mitch and Daniel G. Hallstrom. 2000. “Infrastructure Investment, Transactions Costs, and Rural Poverty Alleviation.” Poster presented at the 24th International Association of Agricultural Economists meeting, Berlin, Germany, August 13-18, 2000.