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Kelly Zering

Professor and Extension Specialist

Nelson Hall 3328

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Kelly Zering is a professor and extension specialist. He has 35 years of experience conducting applied research and extension programs in North Carolina. His current focus is on the economics of existing and emerging biological and man-made systems. Specific sub-topics include the economics of pigs and pork production and markets, the economics of managing organic residuals including manure and food waste, the economics of renewable energy production and markets, and the economics of sustainable bio-based production and marketing systems. He teaches an on-line course titled Swine Markets and Risk as part of the Ag-Idea and Swine Science Online certificate program. He also teaches ARE 370, a course in ARE’s entrepreneurship sequence titled Agribusiness New Venture Development. Since 2014, he has been developing management information systems for bio-based supply chains. This work includes original predictive algorithms derived from structural analytics, exploits multiple data streams big and small, and produces real-time sustainability, profit and risk based support for decision makers in all levels of bio-based supply chains.

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Case study research methods for firm and market research

Pork quality and the role of market organization

Relationships between industrialized agriculture and environmental consequences: The case of vertical coordination in broilers and hogs