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Julianne Treme

Teaching Professor

Nelson Hall 4304

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Prior to joining the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department at NC State, Dr. Treme was a tenured professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  She also taught at Wake Forest University as a Visiting Assistant Professor and Elon University as an Adjunct Professor.

Dr. Treme is passionate about undergraduate research.  She strives to develop high-quality research projects with students to maximize their undergraduate experience and has a long track-record of working with students to create research papers, posters, and conference presentations.

Her research interests are in the field of Applied Microeconomics. Topics include scholarship of teaching and learning, agricultural nutrition, health economics, and sports economics.

She is proud to teach in both the 4-year Agribusiness Management program and the 2-year Agricultural Institute program.

Courses taught:

ARE 201, Introduction to Agricultural and Resource Economics
ARE 433, U.S. Agricultural Policy
ARE 455, Agribusiness Analytics
ARE 201A, Introduction to Agricultural and Resource Economics, AGI (Agricultural Insitute) students only
ARE 133, Agricultural and Environmental Policy, AGI students only
ARE 195, Excel for Agribusiness, AGI students only
ARE 304, Agribusiness Management

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Top Publications

Effects of celebrity media exposure on box-office performance

Convergence (and divergence) in the biological standard of living in the USA, 1820–1900

Celebrity star power: Do age and gender effects influence box office performance?