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a man in a kitchen cooking barbecue

May 28, 2024

Get Grilling With These Barbecue Essentials

Extension Meat Specialist Dana Hanson serves up ways to elevate your barbecue game with Howling Hog barbecue sauce and the new Pack Magic rub, as he prepares for NC State BBQ Camp. 

Dec 21, 2023

All Hopped Up

Get ready for a truly homegrown brew as breeders work to create hops plants that can thrive in North Carolina. 

Oct 25, 2023

Check Out CALS at the Fair

From the Food Science Club and Howling Cow ice cream to the Animal Science Club’s milk booth, check out how NC State’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences helped make this year’s North Carolina State Fair the best day ever! 

Sep 26, 2023

Mother of Invention

Necessity? Or maybe the Wolfpack spirit is the reason so many NC State ideas end up in the National Inventors Hall of Fame. 

April Fogleman headshot outside

Aug 31, 2023

Nutrition Scientist Bolsters Breastfeeding Support for North Carolinians

Associate Professor April Fogleman nourishes North Carolina in more ways than one. She creates support groups for moms, trains health professionals about the basics of breastfeeding and teaches students about infant nutrition. 

Aug 23, 2023

Locals Seafood Partners with CALS Class on New Product Launch

After trusting NC State Extension’s seafood safety expertise for years, an alumni-owned company was excited to collaborate with Clint Stevenson and his graduate students on a food safety plan for their new frozen meal. 

researcher looks through electronic microscope

Aug 16, 2023

NC State Licenses Supplement Reducing GI Inflammation

Researchers have developed a new probiotic supplement that reduces gastrointestinal inflammation. 

Recipes set up in the Dinah E. Gore Kitchen at NC State

Aug 15, 2023

Cooking with a Passion for Nutrition

This summer, CALS nutrition science student Tiffany Williams is creating recipe videos for a statewide culinary nutrition education program for young adults. 

product display

Aug 7, 2023

Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Milk: The Science Behind the Flavors We Love

How many hot pepper flakes does it take to make the perfect cheese? MaryAnne Drake answers these and other sensory food questions as the Director of the Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center. 

Photo of CRISPR-modified and wild trees in an NC State greenhouse.

Jul 13, 2023

Building a Better Forest Tree With CRISPR Gene Editing

Researchers reduce lignin levels and improve wood properties in poplar trees using the increasingly popular gene-editing system.