Commodity Production and Management

Crop production and management programs are central to the mission of the NC State Crop and Soil Sciences Department. Through these programs we develop and deliver new information to our growers on the best management practices to employ for the efficient production of high quality agricultural products at the lowest cost. Research, extension, and teaching programs in this area examine factors affecting crop growth, development, and productivity. These factors include the influence of our changing environment on crop growth, the management of fertility and pesticide inputs, the use of cropping systems, the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to improve crop management.

The application of integrated pest management approaches and sustainable agricultural practices are important areas of study by our department. Computer-based modeling and simulations are being developed and used to evaluate the impact of environmental conditions and crop management strategies on crop yield and quality. Field, greenhouse, and controlled-environment facilities are available to support these efforts. Modern research laboratories with a wide range of laboratory instrumentation for analyses and testing of plant materials are also available within these programs.

Crop and Soil Sciences Research