Make 2021 the Year You Take Your Business to the Next Level with the Executive Farm Management Program

Donny Lassiter, EFM class of 2020, has a partnership with Wrangler to make jeans from NC cotton. This is the type of opportunity we teach you to explore and exploit.

To succeed in modern agriculture, farmers not only have to master efficient production at low costs to be competitive but they need to be business savvy as well. The Executive Farm Management (EFM) program provides farmers who are already successful growers with the tools they need to effectively manage business challenges.

The program focuses on three main competencies: financial management, strategy and HR that includes critical issues like succession planning. Knowledge in these core areas strengthens businesses to help them thrive in the face of turbulence from weather, trade or other disruptors like COVID-19. NC State Extension partners with East Carolina University, the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension and Clemson University Cooperative Extension to facilitate the program.

EFM normally meets in person for 12 days spread across 2 months but given the challenges with COVID-19, the program will be virtual, and condensed, in 2021.

Cotton is a capital intensive crop. EFM will help you understand some key financial ratios so that you make the best decisions for your business.

This year, EFM is hosting a series of special-topics webinars in January that lead up to a virtual EFM Bootcamp in February. The webinars are one hour long and will be delivered via Zoom at 9 am on Tuesdays, January 12 through February 2. Topics include “Tackling Sticky Conversations” and “Managing Cash for Exploration.” Individual webinars are $30 each but purchasing them in a bundle is $100.

The Bootcamp is 3 half-days, February 10 through February 12. Basics of the program’s core areas of study, such as strategic planning and human resource management will be delivered virtually with a case study farm. Even though it is virtual, the Bootcamp will be interactive with small group break- out sessions.

Registration for the Bootcamp is $500. The National Peanut Board is providing a $150 credit for peanut farmers which means they pay only $350. Space is limited so learn more today at