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S. Gary Bullen

Extension Associate Emeritus

Nelson Hall 3326

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Gary has worked in business development and marketing for over 25 years, leading numerous projects in evaluating new businesses ideas. He conducts agribusiness feasibility studies as well as evaluated new crops and enterprises being considered in NC. He has developed extension personnel “train the trainer” programs in finance analysis, marketing, and business management. He has assisted numerous farmers evaluate new enterprises, and develop market plans. He has extensive international experience in business development and marketing projects in Eastern Europe and over Africa.

Gary served as the director of the NC Farm School program which is offered throughout North Carolina. The program provides the framework and resources necessary for beginning and transiting farmers to make sound business decisions needed to start a new farm business. Over 346 students have successfully completed the program since 2014. Forty-six farms have been started as result of the program. He has M.S. degrees from the University of Tennessee in Extension Education and Agricultural Economics. Gary grew up on a tobacco and vegetable farm near Berea Kentucky where he provided free family labor.

Recent Publication: Evaluation of Flue-Cured Tobacco Labor Cost

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Agricultural Economics and Extension Education University of Tennessee 1991