New Extension Virtual Event Library

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A Living Library

With so many NC State Extension events turning to virtual or recorded sessions, we thought it might be useful to curate a library of all our Crop and Soil Sciences virtual resources. This historical reservoir of learning is now available on the Crop and Soil Sciences website under the Extension tab.  It will be a living library, changing as events are added and updated.

All recordings will continue to live in their original locations, but our new Virtual Event Library is a handy place to stay current on all the topics and presentations. Current Extension presentations or event topics include corn, hemp, small grains, soybeans, tobacco, turfgrass, and weeds. Many of these presentations are substituting for in-person statewide or regional field days. More presentations and registration dates will be added in the coming weeks.

Specialty Support

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Midseason Management in Soybeans Video

 “Our Extension Specialists have been really proactive this year in offering essential research and management updates in a virtual fashion. The department has pulled together in-field training since many regional and county field days have been canceled across the state,” said Deanna Osmond, NC State Crop and Soil Sciences Extension Leader. “It’s a great example of how we continue to ‘Think & Do’ for the growers of North Carolina, especially in changing times.”

We hope this one-stop-shop for the latest Extension knowledge will do more than fill your virtual calendar but improve your growing season. At Crop and Soil Sciences, we are growing the future.

Need More Know-how?

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