Resource Economics

My extension program is dedicated to improving the policies and institutions that manage our natural resources, in North Carolina and beyond. Resource Economic Policy & Governance means understanding how incentives shape the behavior of users of natural resources. I contribute to four defined areas of extension in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics: Water Economics, Coastal Economies, Climate Change and Renewable Energy, and Land Policy.

Water Economics

North Carolina can improve nutrient management, protect ecosystems and conserve water through innovative market and pricing policies.

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Coastal Economies

Maintaining the health of the North Carolina coast is crucial to preserving the livelihoods of its residents. Research at NC State assess the economic importance of the region and the economic aspects of tackling challenges relating to fishing, water quality, and climate change.

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Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Climate change is already affecting North Carolina's agricultural production and coastal communities. NC State research is leading the way to address these impacts cost-effectively.

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Public Lands and Land Policy

How do agency politics and procedural laws affect public land management choices?

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