Gifts Created by Ecologists for Nature Lovers

From the Under the Scope shop

Updated November 29, 2021

If you are looking for gifts that are inspired by nature, look no further than these beautiful projects and products made by several Applied Ecology alumni! Replace your drab animal prints with the beauty of ants and compliment your next outfit with a pair of microbe earrings:


The most common animal prints used in textiles come from large mammals—think leopard print and zebra stripes—but we wanted to change that. Our labs worked with textile designer Meredith West to create a line of fabric prints based on animals that are rarely thought of as beautiful: ants.

Sew Curious Bags

Locally made canvas accessory bags printed with microscopic images of yeast cells. Featuring the work of Microbe Institute Fellow Kristina Skillin, a collaborator with AEC alum, Anne Madden.

Under the Scope

Fashion, bags, and diverse accessories featuring graphic artwork of microbes and the helpful molecules they create. Featuring the work of Microbe Institute Fellow Tracy Debenport, a collaborator with AEC alum, Anne Madden. Click here.


We transform nature’s fragile specimens into cloth-based modern wearable art for everyday living. We are committed to using materials that are natural, locally-produced, and carbon-neutral, and to supporting other women-owned businesses.

Essential Montessori  *currently 2-5 day shipping

Inspired by the natural colors created by local fruits and vegetables, we create our own dyes in small batches often using organic fruits and vegetables we pick ourselves from area farms. These are then used to dye our birch hardwoods and then we finish them with organic olive oil and beeswax to protect them.

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