ARE Establishes PackTrac Partnership with Robeson Community College

Students in a classroom

Poole College of Management undergraduate students listen in class and use the grounds surrounding Nelson Hall. Photo by Marc Hall

Robeson Community College (RCC) and the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics have connected through PackTrac to create an educational pipeline for students interested in majoring in Agricultural Business Management at NC State. Students studying in Southeastern NC can set a solid foundation for their education with RCC and then continue to develop their knowledge and engage in professional experiences in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. This PackTrac plan ensures that nearly all coursework taken at RCC transfers directly into the Ag Business degree plan once the student transfers.

PackTrac is available to RCC students who are either Associate in Arts or Associate in Science majors with an interest in agriculture. In PackTrac, students are advised by both an RCC and an NC State advisor. While studying at RCC, PackTrac participants also connect with faculty and staff at the university and upon successful completion of at least 30 transferable hours (specifically indicated by their NC State Advisor) along with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, students are admitted to NC State’s Ag Business program.

PackTrac bolsters the college’s mission to increase the paths to CALS for rural students.

For more information please contact Robin Clements or Download the Flyer.



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