Christian Williams

My name is Christian Williams, and I am a member of the NCSU CVM class of 2024. I was born and raised in Lincolnton, NC, and I transferred to NC State from Gaston Community College in Fall 2018. I graduated from NC State in Spring 2020 with my B.S. in Animal Science.

My experiences in the veterinary field have mostly consisted of private practice, and as a result, this area of veterinary medicine has become a passion of mine. I have personally witnessed the impact that private practice veterinarians can have in the health and wellbeing of their patients and their clients through clinical practice as well as education of clients, and I hope to contribute to this effectual facet of veterinary medicine as a mixed animal private practitioner.

As an undergraduate student at NC State, I had the opportunity to pursue many beneficial opportunities that were vital in preparing me for vet school. I gained hands-on experience in food animal production as a farm attendant at the Small Ruminant Education Unit, and I had the chance to educate other students about small ruminant husbandry, handling, and reproduction. I also developed essential leadership and communication skills as the Vice President of the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association and as an ambassador for the Goodnight Scholars Program. These experiences among many others were crucial in making me the person I am today, and the skills I have developed through them will be valuable to me in my future career as a mixed animal veterinarian.

Veterinary Experience:

  • Turtle Rescue Team, Undergraduate Turtle Team Member
  • DocTerra Mobile Veterinary Services, Veterinary Assistant
  • Maiden Small Animal Hospital, Veterinary Assistant
  • Maiden Small Animal Hospital, Kennel Attendant
  • Maiden Large Animal Hospital, Veterinary Assistant
  • Lincolnton Animal Hospital, Veterinary Shadow

Animal Experience:

  • Small Ruminant Education Unit Undergraduate Farm Attendant
  • Animal Caretaker

Research Experience:

  • Independent Research: “Toxicity of Robenacoxib to Daphnia magna”

Honors / Awards:

  • Goodnight Scholarship
  • SPARC3 Scholarship
  • Duane Crane Science Scholarship
  • C. Grier and Lena Sue Beam Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Phi Sigma Theta National Honor Society Nomination
  • Tau Sigma National Honor Society Invitation
  • President’s Award
  • Outstanding Associate of Science Graduate
  • Dean’s List
  • President’s List
  • Honor’s List

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Pre-Veterinary Medical Association at NC State, Vice President
  • Pre-Veterinary Medical Association at NC State, Active Member
  • Goodnight Scholar Transfer Class of 2021
  • Gamma Beta Phi, Active Member
  • Gaston College Science Club, Member
  • Math Association at Gaston College, Active Member
  • Gaston College Learning Center, Math and Chemistry Tutor
  • SPARC3 Scholars Program
  • Service Raleigh 2019, Site Leader
  • Gastonia Street Ministries, Volunteer
  • Daystar Family Worship Center Music Ministry, Praise Team and Band Member