Alex Grobman


My name is Alex Grobman and I am a member of the NCSU CVM class of 2022. I’m from Weston, Florida and gained a solid amount of veterinary experience hours in my hometown (small animal and equine) before graduating high school in 2014 and transitioning to undergrad at NCSU as an out-of-state student. I graduated in 2018 with a major in Animal Science- Veterinary Bioscience and a minor in Foreign Language-Spanish. The incredible resources available to undergrads at NCSU (the animal units, research opportunities, etc.) helped me to gain experience hours in various fields. I worked at the dairy unit, small ruminant unit, and even helped to perform “foal watch” at the equine unit. I worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the Schnabel lab where we manipulated mesenchymal stem cells. I was very involved with the Hunt Seat Equestrian Club and functioned as the service coordinator, secretary, VP, and president through my four years in undergrad. I worked as a teaching assistant in various Pre-Vet track courses and as a student tutor for the TRIO program. I traveled to Limpopo, South Africa twice- once as a student and once as a faculty member for ANS 495: Wildlife Management and Conservation in South Africa. I’m currently an equine medicine focus and I hope to work with sport/performance horses in the future.

Veterinary Experience:
  • Wild game mobile practice in South Africa
  • Small animal/exotic clinic
  • Small animal cardiopulmonary clinic
  • Small animal general practice
  • Equine mobile practice

Animal Experience:

  • Small ruminant husbandry
  • Dairy cow husbandry
  • Exotic animal foster
  • SPCA volunteer
  • NCSU equestrian team president
  • Hippotherapy volunteer
  • Equestrian/stablehand
Research Experience:
  • Honors thesis- TGF- b2 downregulates MHC expression & cytotoxicity of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells
  • Assisted on project- Efficacy of antibiotic treatment of biofilms in four septic osteoarthritic horses
  • Assisted on project- Limited pasture could reduce equine body weight, body condition score & serum insulin


  • Summa Cum Laude
  • CALS Honors grad
  • Outstanding graduating senior award
  • Global Perspectives Certificate
  • Horse show awards from regionals, zones, and nationals
  • North American comparative immunology attendee and co-author
  • ASAS scholastic achievement award
  • Office of undergrad research summer grant
  • Poster presentations at three symposiums
  • Invited to join Phi Kappa Phi, SCLA, Sigma Alpha Pi, Golden Key
  • Caldwell fellowship finalist
  • Park scholarship finalist
  • Provost Scholarship recipient
  • Dean’s list
  • VOLAR certificate of achievement
  • CALS scholarship
  • AP Psych outstanding student award
  • World language competition champion


  • VetPAC internship at NCSU
  • Global Village resident & active member
  • Pre-veterinary medical association active member
  • Teaching Assistant for ANS 110, ANS 281, and ANS 495
  • Student tutor for TRIO SSS
  • VOLAR (Spanish volunteer club) active member
  • Spanish honor society active member
  • Rho Kappa (social studies honors society) active member
  • English honor society active member
  • RMI horse show office volunteer
  • Community HOPE mentor and tutor