Valerie Nelson


 My name is Valerie Nelson and I am a member of the NCSU CVM class of 2021.  I grew up in Stony Point, New York, and moved to NC in 2013.  I decided I wanted to pursue Vet med after my sophomore year of high school, and soon after decided that I wanted to attend NC State for undergrad. 

During my time at NC State, I joined several clubs including the PVMA, Companion Animal Club, and an a cappella group. During these few years, I felt as though I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do within veterinary medicine, so I focused on diversifying myself to determine my interests.  I was a vetPAC intern and a teaching assistant for ANS 281 in which I got to explore the scope of veterinary medicine.  I focused on gaining experience with all different animals ranging from exotics, to food animals to companions animals. 

I completed undergrad in three years and applied to the CVM as a non-resident.  After being placed on the wait-list, I worked for a year in a biomedical animal research facility at Duke University while establishing NC residency.  On my gap year I learned a lot about the direction I wanted to take within veterinary medicine, and applied again, this time with success! I am now a proud member of the class of 2021, hoping to focus on small animal medicine and eventually specialize. 

Animal Experience:

Zookeeping intern: Bear Mountain State Park, NY 

 Camp Venture Therapeutic Equine Center, NY 

Swine Educational Unit at NC State University 

Undergrad research assistance with dairy cattle 



Veterinary Experience:

Comparative Medicine Specialist- Duke University Laboratories

Veterinary Specialty Hospital of the Carolinas

Rockland Holistic Veterinary Care 

Large Animal Medicine in the Tropics Course- CELA Belize

Rockland Mobile Equine Veterinary Service-NY 

North Rockland Animal Hospital


Honors and Awards: 

Summa Cum Laude

Valedictorian NC State University Class 2016

University Scholars Program

ASAS Scholastic Achievement Award

NCSU Panhellenic Association Woman of the Year in Academics

Chancellors Leadership Scholarship 



Companion Animal Club- Fundraising Chair

APVMA Symposium Attendant- Purdue University 

PVMA member

Ladies in Red A Capella

NCSU VetPAC intern

ANS 281 Teaching Assistant 

NCVC Attendant 2014

NCSU CVM Open House Volunteer