Applied Ecology Releases New Strategic Plan

AEC 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

The Department of Applied Ecology has launched a strategic plan effective through 2024.  The new plan describes a clear mission, approach, and three detailed goals to achieve the long-term objectives of the department.

“The department is still very young and the time was right to think about a shared vision for the future,” says Department Head Prof. Derek Aday.  “Everyone is doing very well individually, but creating a departmental strategic plan is about doing well collectively.”

The goals set out by the plan include:

  1. Developing an Applied Ecology major
  2. Recruiting new, leading faculty
  3. Building an active stakeholder group

Several of these goals have already been implemented or initiated, including the launch of the Friends of Applied Ecology group.  This group will connect engaged member of the public, scientists, industry partners, and alumni to further the department’s mission of sharing and applying science-based solutions to local, national, and global environmental challenges.

The full strategic plan can be read or downloaded here.

Mission Statement: The Department of Applied Ecology exists to advance and share fundamental discoveries in ecology and apply them to our greatest environmental challenges.



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