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“Real Solutions: Common Sense Ideas For Solving Our Most Pressing Problems”

Dr. Michael Walden’s twelfth book, “Real Solutions” is now available on Amazon. When asked to describe the book Walden explained:
“It is the culmination of 43 years of giving presentations around the state about the economy and answering questions about various economic issues.  So my ideas and research came from the issues I’ve been asked about and the research I did to answer them.  In some ways this was the easiest book I’ve written for two reasons.  One, I’ve had the experience of writing books before.  And two, I almost immediately knew what I was going to write about and how I was going to approach each topic.”
Walden’s advice for those aspiring to write a book:
“First, read everything you can about the topic you want to write about, so you can offer something fresh and unique. Second, set a workable schedule with your own deadlines for writing the book.  Third, write everyday, even if only for 30 minutes.  Fourth, write first and revise later.  You’ll never finish if you expect the first draft to be perfect.”
Mike Walden delivering an economic outlook at the Governor’s Mansion.

Mike Walden has been in the ARE department since 1978 and is an actively solving North Carolina’s most pressing problems. He is currently on the Coronavirus Reactivation Task Force reporting directly to Governor Roy Cooper and in the past has served on state transportation committees and other economic development projects. His biweekly columns, You Decide and Economic Perspective, are great resources for economic insight into current events.

“Real Solutions” Book Description
Our country faces a multitude of problems and challenges.  Included are rising college costs, widening income inequality, immigration, global warming, inadequate health care, and numerous others.  There is certainly no lack of discussion and debate about these issues.
While solutions are often offered, the remedies are usually little more than generalities.  The solutions are typically phrased as “we need to do more to — fill in the blank.”  Little attention is given to how the recommended solution will work, if it will work, how it will be funded, and if there is any solid research backing its claims.  It’s little wonder our big national problems never seen to be solved.
“Real Solutions” is different.  It offers specific, research-backed, fully funded recommendations for finally addressing our biggest challenges.  The real solutions are not sugar-coated and involve sacrifices. But they show our problems can be addressed – if we want to address them.