Brittany Whitmire, ARE Extension Associate, Plans to Develop a Virtual Dairy Farm Tour

Brittany Whitmire and Dr. Shannon Davidson (Animal Science) are partnering to develop a virtual dairy farm tour that will help increase awareness and understanding of North Carolina’s dairy industry through a 2017-18 Gore Innovation Grant. This will be a collaborative effort between the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, NC State Extension, CALS Administration and CALS Communications.

The virtual dairy farm tour will include audio and visual data in a variety of forms that will allow viewers to interact and feel as though they’re experiencing a real visit to a dairy. The tour may be used for a variety of educational opportunities to enhance the understanding of agriculture and food systems. Focused on a scientific, objective and practical portrayal of the dairy sector of NC’s agricultural economy and packaged as a tool that can be utilized by virtually anyone, this project is an innovative approach to NC State Extension.

Keep an eye out for this project as it is expected to launch in 2018!




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