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Branan Presents Agricultural Law Overview at Southern Outlook Conference

Brunswick county coastal waterway

Associate Extension Professor Robert Andrew Branan, JD provided an agricultural law overview to the annual Southern Extension Economics Committee Outlook Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The conference – hosted by the University of Tennessee Center of Farm Management in early October – draws on the expertise of land grant cooperative extension economists and other specialists from across the southern United States to provide updates on trends in agricultural trade, lending, land values and lease rates and inputs. The conference also provides a “by commodity” update and forecast on the principal southern row and specialty crops, forestry and livestock products (a full agenda can be found here). 

Branan’s outlook presentation provided an update on matters concerning Waters of the United States and continuing regulation of wetlands under Swampbuster, as well as a general outlook on the recent decisions and constitutional philosophies of the US Supreme Court, and how those will impact agriculture and natural resource regulation. Also covered were state law matters on how right to farm nuisance and employee trespassing (“ag-gag”) laws are fairing under challenges in state and federal court.

To learn more about farm law for producers and landowners, visit the NC State Extension Farm Law website.