Mumtahina Riza Wins AMTSG Student Merit Award

A hand holding a ruler over wooden blocks spelling the word "risk."
Mumtahina Riza
AEC graduate student, Mumtahina Riza.

Congratulations to graduate student Mumtahina Riza for being selected for the Society of Risk Analysis’ Advanced Materials and Technologies Specialty Group (AMTSG) Student Merit Award!

Riza will present her talk, “Risk Screening of Phosphorus (P) Capturing Materials for Eutrophication Control: Environmental Impacts and Sustainable Management,” at the Society of Risk Analysis Annual Meeting this December in Tampa, FL. Riza’s graduate advisor is applied ecologist, Khara Grieger

“I am so proud to be the winner of the competition!” says Riza. “This award is a great inspiration for me to further explore the risk aspects of the materials used for environmental remediation to reveal their actual effectiveness.”

Congratulations again, Riza!

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