Veterans attending AGI visiting NC State's Lake Wheeler Farm


We connect you to agriculture career opportunities.

Transforming Veterans’ Lives

We understand that veterans face unique challenges as you transition back to civilian life and pursue new careers. And we know that agricultural industries have a surplus of well-paid jobs.

Our Veterans Project helps connect the two.

Just off the ground, our new recruitment and advising program aims to fast-track veterans into meaningful agriculture careers, in industry or on the farm.

Benefits from the GI Bill typically cover tuition and fees, plus a housing allotment – but for veterans with families, this falls far short of covering monthly expenses. Many current veterans have to work multiple jobs while trying to pursue an education. So Veterans Project leaders work to find scholarship funding for those who need it most.

You’ll receive hands-on training in and outside of the classroom with experts who are specialists in their fields, as well as Green Zone advisors and instructors. We also offer special support services and leadership opportunities.

You’ve served your country well. We want to help you get ahead in life.

Soldier to Agriculture Program


96% of AGI graduates are employed at the time of graduation.

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