Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics

Aug 15, 2019

Economic Perspective: Hiring Over the Business Cycle

The popular adage "last hired, first fired" speaks to the hiring cycle in businesses, but does this apply equally across all levels?

Jul 9, 2019

You Decide: Should We Just Let the Economy Work It Out?

What are the ways a government can legislate and economy, and what could it look like when applied to a certain sector?

Jul 1, 2019

Economic Perspective: Are Slow Home Sales a Signal of the Future?

The housing market has cooled a little in recent months. What could this be signaling?

Jun 26, 2019

You Decide: Recession – Yes or No?

Are there signs pointing towards a future recession for the United States?

Jun 11, 2019

You Decide: Which Inflation Matter Should Win?

Inflation has been calculated the same way for a long time, but a new method is ready to be used. How does this new calculation work, and why was it introduced?

May 28, 2019

Economic Perspective: Accounting for the Future

When considering money for the future, are there any tricks or methods to consider when weighing the value of future dollars?

Mar 4, 2019

Economic Perspective: College Debt and Homeownership

Student debt has skyrocketed in recent years. What implications has that had on other markets like home-ownership?

Feb 5, 2019

You Decide: Should the Fed Push or Pause?

What are the basics of how the Fed operates, and what are the implications of the actions they take?

Jan 22, 2019

You Decide: How Can We Address Our Transportation Issues?

What are the challenges our transportation system faces, and how can we address them in the future?

Jan 15, 2019

Economic Perspective: The Divergence of Economic Growth

In the 21st century, big cities are getting bigger, and small towns are shrinking. Does this trend span nationwide, and are there small towns breaking the trend?