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Student Spotlight: Lydia Stegall

Students enjoy outdoor time on a warm spring day in the background of one of the copper wolves at Wolf Plaza. Photo by Becky Kirkland.

Written by Ayah Mohamed, ARE Communications Intern.

The Agricultural Business Management (ABM) program offers a wide variety of resources to its students to ensure successful and well-prepared graduates. The ABM program is filled with students of all backgrounds and interests, whether agricultural or non-agricultural. It provides a framework for students who are interested in management, sales, or finance. The curriculum builds their knowledge while they develop real-world skills through job shadowing, internship opportunities, and other professional development programs. These experiences builds their professional network which can make finding a job after graduation easier. This student spotlight article highlights the achievements of Senior Ambassador, Lydia Stegall. 

Lydia has spent her time in the ABM program as an Ambassador. Ambassadors exhibit great qualities and leadership skills and are chosen amongst hundreds of students. Lydia recalls when she was new to the program, the Ambassadors at the time helped her adjust and introduced her to life at ABM. They encouraged her to be involved and helped her make connections with peers and faculty. She notes that in her field, networking is crucial, so she appreciates their efforts. Lydia wanted to help her peers in the same way which led her to become an Ambassador. She says that taking a leadership role has given her many opportunities, grown her list of professional contacts, and allowed her to make a difference in the program. 

Lydia utilized ABM’s program resources; she was able to meet and create relationships with potential employers, peers, and professors. She said she is thankful for the lifelong friends and job opportunities she encountered during her time at the program. Lydia also mentioned the professors and their personalities, helpfulness, and willingness to be involved. 

Lydia comes from a small rural town in Anson County. She grew up surrounded by agriculture and nature, which led her to pursue Ag. Business. She was able to combine her love for agriculture and gain knowledge of business practices. Her brother, who also attended the ABM program, influenced her due to his high respect for the program and its offerings. A “Spend a Day” at NC State event helped her confirm that this was the field of study she wanted to pursue. 

Lydia’s advice to incoming students is to network. “Make lots of connections whether it be meeting new people and making friends, meeting potential employers, or even getting to know their professors. These relationships will help you out tremendously later on.” She also urges students to have fun and make memories. 

Lydia is unsure of her plans after graduation but hopes for an extension position as either a livestock or 4-H agent. On behalf of the professors, staff, and students of the ABM program, we wish Lydia the best in her future endeavors and appreciate her hard work as a Senior Ambassador.