Small NC Communities Attractive to Retirees

Dr. Michael Walden spoke to the Wilson Rotary Club about the economic benefits to retirees of living in Wilson, NC. Big cities like Charlotte and the Triangle attract young, working professionals but smaller communities face low population growth. Small towns do however, have a lower cost of living which can attract movers from across the country. Walden recommended small towns focus on “making your area a magnet for well-heeled retirees with pensions and Social Security that are tired of the cold, snow and ice of the northern states.” The low cost of living and Wilson’s proximity to the Triangle give the town the opportunity to attract new residents and boost the local economy.

Overall, Walden remains optimistic about North Carolina’s economic future. Rising GDP, job growth, a low corporate tax, and tourism are some of the factors that lead Walden to believe “there are some exciting things going on in North Carolina and I think there is potential for really exciting things going on in eastern North Carolina and Wilson.”

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