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OSM Trip Spotlight: Students Go Behind the Scenes in D.C.

ARE students standing in front of the capitol building in DC

This semester, the Office of Student Mentoring offered Agricultural Business Management students several opportunities to participate in educational trips to gain hands-on knowledge. One of these opportunities was a road trip to Washington D.C., where students got an inside look at the policymaking process that affects agriculture and the broader economy. 

ABM Students pictured at the American Farm Bureau Federation.
ABM Students pictured at the American Farm Bureau Federation.

The students spent three days in the nation’s capital, exploring its many historical and cultural attractions, as well as meeting with policymakers and industry leaders. They visited landmarks such as the White House, the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial and attended educational sessions with government agencies and personnel. Senators Thom Tillis and Ted Budd, and staff members from the Senate and House Ag Committees and the USDA were some of the relevant speakers students heard from.

Another highlight of the trip was a visit to the American Farm Bureau Federation, where the students heard from industry leaders about the latest trends and challenges facing agriculture. They also learned about advocacy efforts and the role of government in supporting the agriculture industry. The 2023 Farm Bill was a key topic of discussion during the meeting.

Many students shared their experiences during the Washington DC trip on LinkedIn. Ag Business Student Emily Kornegay wrote, “Over my four years at NC State University, this is one of the best trips I’ve ever had the opportunity to attend…I am still so grateful for this chance to see our government in action and further learn how every citizen can play a part in bettering the world around us.” 

Ag Business Student Conor Wilson poses in front of a U.S. Senate podium.
Ag Business Student Conor Wilson poses in front of a U.S. Senate podium.

The trip was an incredible opportunity for these students to gain exposure to real-world experiences and perspectives they can take back to their academic studies and careers. The OSM is proud to support road trips that provide students with valuable learning opportunities outside the classroom.

The Agricultural Business Management program at NC State is committed to providing its students with the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to succeed in the dynamic field of agriculture. Through initiatives like these educational road trips, the program is helping to shape the future of agriculture by equipping the next generation of leaders with the tools they need to succeed.

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