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Student Spotlight: Will Eberwien

Will Eberwein

Will Eberwein is a senior majoring in Agricultural Business Management and minoring in Poultry Science. Will is a stand-out student with an impressive history of internships. He has had two summer internships with Butterball, LLC. In 2017 he worked at the Mount Olive, NC processing plant and at the Ozark, AR processing plant in the summer of 2018. The Mount Olive plant is the largest turkey processing plant in the world. Below is an interview where Will shared his background and plans for the future.

What made you want to come to NC State?

I wanted to go to a school that had an outstanding reputation and would offer great career opportunities.  I felt NC State is one of the best universities in the country and was the best fit for me. Since it is in Raleigh, I liked that NC State is in close proximity to so many great companies in the Triangle.  I also liked that I could stay close to my hometown of Clayton.

What made you choose a degree in Agricultural Business Management?

When I came to NC State, I started in the Exploratory Studies program.  I knew that I wanted a career in business, but I did not know what major or industry I was interested in.  A family friend recommended to me that I should look at the ABM major and I became interested right away. After learning more about the degree and possible careers, I knew it was the right choice for me.  I am so fortunate that I was pointed towards Ag Business and introduced to Dr. Russ.

How has what you have learned at NC State helped you in your internships?

NC State has taught me academic subjects that are important to know in order to be successful in the agriculture industry.  During my internships I was able to apply concepts of economics, management, and poultry science that I have learned from my courses.  NC State does an excellent job of preparing students to succeed through their academic courses and professional development workshops.

How has what you have experienced at your internship helped you with your classes?

My two summer internships allowed me to see how problems are solved in the food industry and I have been able to relate my experiences to subjects in my classes. I have sat in lectures and thought of situations in a processing plant that match the content being discussed by my professors.  It is easier to learn the concepts in class when I can relate them to situations that I have seen in the industry.

What was your most valuable experience interning?

The most valuable experience was being able to travel to Arkansas this past summer and gain work experience in a different region of the country.  It was very interesting to see the similarities and differences of agriculture in Arkansas compared to North Carolina. I also had fun exploring sites in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas during the weekends.

Please use 3 words to describe internships.

Rewarding, Insightful, Valuable

How will internships help you accomplish your goals for the future?

My goal has been to work for a successful food producer after college and help them grow their business.  My internships allowed me to get my foot in the door and build a professional network at a great company. After my second internship, I received an offer for a job after graduation.  I am very excited to start my career with Butterball in their Management Development Program. I look forward to all of the opportunities that I will have with the company to learn and develop my professional skills.