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Strong ARE Presence at 2019 Southern Farm Show

The Southern Farm Show, held annually in February at the NC State Fairgrounds, drew large crowds from across the country. The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics was well represented by Extension research professors Mike Walden and Nick Piggott. The Executive Farm Management Program¬†(EFM) attended the Ag Development Forum and Tobacco Growers Annual Meeting and also took advantage of networking opportunities at the trade show.

Mike Walden presented his economic outlook for 2019. Walden analyzed the chances for global recession and discussed emerging trends in the North Carolina economy. His 2019 outlook also contains the monthly index of economic indicators which provides a historical context to the current economy in NC.

Nick Piggott¬†gave the audience perspective on the global markets by commodity as well as discussed the feed grain deficit in North Carolina. Currently, North Carolina must import a about half of the grains needed to feed its “tails and feathers.” Livestock represent 67% of NC’s cash receipts but is dependent on outside sources of feed grain. This is a significant problem during natural disasters like hurricanes when roads are closed and feed grains are unable to be delivered.

The Executive Farm Management Program heard Mike and Nick’s presentations as well as Commissioner Troxler’s yearly the State of Agriculture address. EFM participants attended The Breakfast with the Commissioner and the Tobacco Growers annual meeting. The participants left with a deeper understanding of current issues in agriculture as well as a chance to socialize with their fellow farmers.