Guaranteed Placement

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and North Carolina State University College of Agriculture & Life Sciences have signed an articulation agreement designed to streamline the application process for NC State students interested in Ross University. The agreement states that students who meet certain academic criteria established by the Ross University admissions committee in concert with the faculty of the NC State CALS will be offered admission to Ross in an expedited manner.

Ross University has educated nearly 6,000 successful veterinarians practicing across the US and Canada

The first Caribbean veterinary school to receive AVMA accreditation, Ross University provides students with a curriculum that places strong emphasis on hands-on experience and provides all clinical rotations at US veterinary schools where students complete their clinical year.


Applying to Ross University

  •  Interested students will inform the VetPAC Director of their intent to apply to Ross University
  •  Students will apply to Ross during their senior year at NC State (typically 10-14 months in advance of their intended enrollment term at Ross)
  •  Applicants will send transcripts, GRE scores, and request that letters of recommendation be written and submitted on their behalf
  •  Ross University’s administrative staff will compile the application and all supporting credentials; the Associate Dean of Admissions or the National Director of Admissions will complete an initial review to determine whether the minimum academic criteria set forth in the agreement have been met
  •  If the criteria have been met, the Associate Director of Admissions for North Carolina will contact the applicant to schedule the interview
  •  If the criteria have not been met, a determination will be made regarding whether an interview should be granted or separate action be taken
  •  After completion of the interview, if the VetPAC Director has provided a positive recommendation and all other agreement criteria have been met, the Ross admissions committee or their designee will execute an offer of admission, usually within one day
  •  The applicant will be notified of the decision by their Ross interviewer

Admission Criteria

  •  Overall undergraduate grade point average of 3.25 or higher
  •  Grade point average of 3.0 or higher in required pre-requisite coursework
  •  No grade of F, D, or C- in required pre-requisite coursework
  •  Score of 1000 or higher on the GRE (pre-August 2011 scoring method), including a minimum 450 verbal score and a minimum 500 quantitative score
  •  Positive recommendation from the VetPAC Director
  •  Positive recommendation from the Ross University staff member who has interviewed the applicant in person