Fourth Year

Suggested coursework*:
Senior Fall; MB 351/352 OR 411/412
Senior Spring; BCH 451
(*BE AWARE: the following coursework requirements are only applicable at NCSU CVM! You must check the requirements of other Veterinary Schools to which you plan on applying and ensure that you have incorporated ALL required courses at these institutions in your undergraduate education. As these requirements can change, you must also re-check them at least once per semester.  For a complete listing of Veterinary School requirements, please visit:

Summer prior to Senior year:
Students should keep in mind that these months are the last they have to gain experience before applying to veterinary school.  As rising seniors are often the most competitive of all undergraduate summer internship applicants, students should use this time to diversify their resumes and, if possible, explore potential career options in an area of veterinary medicine in which the individual has an interest, but has had minimal to no prior experience.  Students should NOT WAIT to begin working on their veterinary school applications until the semester coursework begins.  VMCAS typically becomes “live” in early May, providing students with ample time to complete as much of their application as possible before classes resume.  Students also should take this time to contact prospective writers of their letters of recommendation so as to give these individuals plenty of time to complete the necessary documents.  Students may also attend summer school if desired or necessary.

Fall semester:
After applying to Veterinary Schools via VMCAS, it is recommended that students continue to work with a veterinarian and gain more experience in their area of interest or in an area where they have no experience in order to diversiy their portfolios.  Students should continue becoming involved in an extracurricular activity that is of interest to them; these can become invaluable ways to gain leadership experience and develop interpersonal communication skills.

Spring semester:
The wait for the acceptance letter begins!