Available Scholarships

2018 Scholarships

A. Gordon and Patricia L. Neville Animal Science Scholarship
A. J. Haynes Scholarship
A. Tab Williams, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
A. B. Parker, Jr. Parker’s Landscape Services Agricultural Institute Scholarship
Adam Brent Jackson Memorial Scholarship
AgCarolina Farm Credit
Agribusiness Club Scholarship Endowment Honoring Bob Usry
Agricultural Institute Alumni Scholarship
Agricultural Institute Club Scholarship
Agricultural Institute Endowed Scholarship
Agronomy Club Scholarship
Alan Boe Beavers Memorial Scholarship
Alfred Kay Leach Memorial Scholarship
Allen and Ruth Partin Scholarship
Allen Beals and Herman Sampson Agricultural Institute Scholarship
Altria Agricultural Institute Award of Excellence Scholarship
Altria Agricultural Institute Scholarships in Agriculture Scholarship
Altria Award in Agricultural and Extension Education Scholarship
Altria Fellowship
Altria Undergraduate Award for Excellence Scholarship
Animal Science Club Scholarship
Anne Fleming Coghill Scholarship Endowment
Art Bruneau Golf Tournament Scholarship

B. E. and B. E. Ivie, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Barbara and George Blum Scholarship
Bartlett Tree Foundation, Inc. Grant­in­Aid Scholarship
Bayer Crop Science Scholarship in Agricultural & Extension Education
Becky Eure Rhodes and Neil Rhodes Weed Science Graduate Education Award
Benjamin F. and Ann B. Kissam Scholarship Endowment Fund
Benjamin P. Forbes Scholarship
Benjamin W. Kilgore Food Science Scholarship
Billy Carter Cotton Leadership Scholarship Endowment
Billy Parker Manning, Sr. Endowed Scholarship
Bob Mashburn Turfgrass Scholarship
Bobby G. Wilder and Jack R. Lamm Horticultural Scholarship Endowment
Brooks Frizzelle Agricultural Scholarship Burton M. Newell Award

C. F. “Chick” Parrish Memorial Scholarship
CALS Agri­Life Council Student Leaders Scholarship
CALS Alumni and Friends Society Scholarship
CALS Family Support Scholarship
Calvin B. and Lorraine S. Covington Scholars Endowment
Cameron H. Easton Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Carl Eugene (Gene) and Anne Jones Montgomery Scholarship Endowment
Carmen R. “Carm” Parkhurst Poultry Science Teaching and Scholarship
Carolina Farm Credit Scholarship
Carolina Feed Industry Association Scholarship
Carolinas Brahman Breeders Association Scholarship
Carolinas Golf Foundation Scholarship
Charles B. “Charlie” King, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Charles Easton/Agricultural Institute Outstanding Adviser Scholarship
Charles Fletcher Cates Scholarship
Charles L. and Samuel D. Davis Scholarship
Charles S. and Edith K. Sullivan Endowed Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Scholarship
Charlie Z. and Doris Morgan Sandling Horticultural Scholarship
Clint H. Davis Scholarship
Clyde L. Fore Endowed Scholarship
Clyde R. Weathers Memorial Scholarship Endowment
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Alumni Phonathon Scholarship
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Academic Excellence Scholarship
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Agricultural Foundation Scholarship
Colonel and Mrs. William H. Breeze Agricultural Scholarship
Corn Grower’s Association of North Carolina Scholarship
Cowles Family Scholarship Endowment
Crawford Lentz Thomas Memorial Scholarship
Cristie Abigail “Abbi” Fleming Dairy Science Scholarship

D. McKinley and Barbara Price Endowment in Memory of Durwood M. and Minnie Grady Price
Dale and Genia Bone Scholars Endowment Daniel Fromm Memorial Scholarship
Danisco Animal Nutrition Scholarship
David “Richard” Canady Scholarship
David A. Pennell Memorial Scholarship
David S. Weaver Alpha Zeta Scholars Program
Dean Durward and Shirley Bateman Scholarship (Jefferson Scholars)
Degussa Feed Milling Scholarship
Delta and Pine Land Company/Monsanto Scholarship
Dexter D. and Mabel G. Penny Family Farm Scholarship
Dick Janas Memorial Endowment
Dix Harper Scholarship
Dobrogosz/Biogaia Biologics Graduate Fund for Excellence
Donald A. Halsey Memorial Scholarship
Donald E. and Verdie S. Moreland/John T. Caldwell Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Donald W. Mabe Scholarship
Dorothy S. and Eustace O. Beasley Biological and Agricultural Engineering Scholarship
Dr. Frank and Rachel Kirby Thomas Food Science and Family Consumer Sciences Scholarship
Dr. Frank Rankin Craig Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Garnett B. Whitehurst Farm­to­Philanthropy Scholars Endowment
Dr. Isadore and Cynthia Peppe Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Peggy Foegeding Memorial Food Science Scholarship
Dr. Roy Lee and Virginia Brown Lovvorn Scholarship
Dr. Wanida E. Lewis Food Science Fellowship Award Endowment
Dumaine Farms Production Agriculture Scholarship Award
Duong, Green, and Gharst Food Science Leadership Award Endowment
Durwood Baggett Farm Bureau Agriculture Scholarship Endowment

E. G. Moss Tobacco Fellowship
E. J. Tyson Scholarship
E. Y. Floyd Scholarship Eakes­Turner Food Science Scholarship
Earl B. Garrett Scholarship
Edna M. Cobb Memorial Scholarship
Edward W. Glazener Merit Scholarship EMC/IFEEDER Feed Manufacturing Scholarship
Endo Scholarship Endowment
Ernest R. Ellis Agricultural and Extension Education Award
Eugene C. Berryhill, Sr. Scholarship Endowment
Eugene J. Kamprath Soil Science Scholarship
Evander Ayers Davis Memorial Scholarship

Fike­ Chapin Agronomy Club and Crop Science Incentive Award Scholarship
Floyd G. Elliott and Dollie W. Elliott Animal Science Endowment
Foil W. McLaughlin Fellowship
Food Science Club Endowment
Foy and G. E. Fisher Endowed Scholarship
Francis and Sibyl Pressly 4H Citizenship Scholarship Endowment
Frank and Judi Grainger – Fair Products Endowment for Large Scale Organic Agricultural Crop Production
Franklin E. Correll Memorial Scholarship
Fred D. Cochran Horticultural Scholarship
Fred G. Bond Tobacco Scholarship
Fred Tarver Poultry Products Scholarship
Fred Webb/John T. Caldwell Alumni Scholarship
Freeman W. Cook Scholarship
Freshman Merit Award (General Endowment) Scholarship

G. Dewey Arndt Scholarship
George and Gladys Spain Scholarship
George L. and Sadie S. Winchester Scholarship
George Smedes Poyner Scholarship Fund
George T. and Marina T. Barthalmus Life Sciences Scholarship
Georgina Malloy Werner and Dennis James Werner Horticultural Science Undergraduate Education Scholarship Endowment
Gold Leaf Tobacco Seed Company Tobacco Fellowship
Grace Galbreath Biochemistry Teaching Award
Grady and Geneva Martin Scholarship
Granville County Cattlemen’s Association Scholarship
Granville Gardeners Scholarship Endowment
Greene County Livestock Association Scholarship
Guilford Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship Fund

H. B. and Edna A. Crumpler Scholarship Award Endowment
H. Bradford Craig Scholarship for Excellence
H. Brooks James Memorial Scholarship
H. Connor Kennett, Jr. and Aldith B. Kennett Scholarship
H. Hawkins Bradley Scholarship
H. Robert and Roberta A. Horton Biochemistry Scholarship Endowment
Hanns­Dieter Alhusen Swine Education Scholarship
Harry B. Caldwell Scholarship
Harvey L. and Kathleen R. Barnes Scholarship
Hase H. and Lena M. Smith Scholarship
Henry Steinmetz Endowed Horticultural Scholarship Fund
Henry W. Garren Memorial Poultry Science Scholarship
Holly Farms Scholarship
Horace B. Hord Agricultural and Resource Economics Scholarship
Horticulture Club/J.C. Raulston Scholarship
Howard L. Dalton Memorial Scholarship

I. O. Schaub Scholarship
Isaac Daniel and Lucy Gentry Long Agricultural Scholarship
Ivan D. and Lillian T. Jones Food Science Scholarship

J. B. Ward Memorial Scholarship
J. Brantley Speight Memorial Scholarship
J. C. and Nancy M. Ferguson Scholarship
J. C. Whitehurst, Jr. Agricultural Scholarship
J. Frank & Margaret B. Neely Scholarship
J. Lawrence Apple Endowment
J. Paul and Louise Leagans Agricultural and Extension Education
J. Wade Shore,Sr. Scholarship
J. L. Evadeane Jones Scholarship
Jack Kelley Endowed Scholarship
James A. Graham Scholars Endowment ­ NC Dairy Foundation
James A. Graham Scholarship
James and Alice Maddox Memorial Scholarship
James and Lois Jeffreys Scholarship
James B. Weaver Jr. Crop Science Graduate Award Endowment
James Everette Brown Scholarship
James I. (Jim) Smith and Nancy S. Smith Beef and Dairy Fitting and Showmanship Scholarship
James L. and Diana G. Oblinger Scholarship
James Polk Stovall Agricultural Scholarship
James Robert Brown Scholarship
Jane P. and Charles W. Suggs Scholarship
Jarvis Warren Family Animal Industry Scholarship Endowment
Joe and Barbara Brooks Agricultural Scholarship
Joe L. Perry Scholarship Endowment
Joe Speight Sugg Agricultural Institute Scholarship
John and Dora Cornwell Scholarship
John and Kelli Rushing Food Science Freshman Scholarship
John Arey Student Scholarship
John B. Steele Memorial Scholarship
John C. Rice Scholarship
John Deere Diversity Scholarship
John E. Foster Scholarship
John E. May Memorial Poultry Science Scholarship
John Elwood Scott Scholarship
John H. Harris Horticultural Scholarship
John H. Wiley Endowed Scholarship
John M. and Sally Blalock Beard Agricultural Scholarship
John Rushing, Southeastern Food Processor’s Association
John S. Campbell Agricultural Scholarship
John Sledge Memorial Scholarship
Johnnie James Bridges Memorial Scholarship
Johnny C. and Jackie C. Wynne Scholarship Endowment
Johnny Gray Griffin Scholarship Fund
Johnson Nursery Scholarship
Joseph E. & Robin C. Hightower Graduate Award Endowment
Josephus Daniels Scholarship
Joyce Farms Poultry Science Scholarship Award

Keith D. and Dayle R. Oakley Agricultural Scholarship
Ken and Terrie Cherry Scholarship
Kenneth R. Butcher Endowment for Dairy Records Management
Kevin Ihnen Memorial Scholarship
Kevin M. Onstott Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Kilgore­Poe Scholarship
Kim Powell Horticultural Science and Landscape Architecture
Scholarship Endowment

L. Dow Pender, Jr. Scholarship
Larry A. Whitford Botany Scholarship
Larry M. and Rita P. Sykes Scholarship
Lee R. Barnes Family Scholarship Endowment
Lee W. and Ruth C. Herrick Scholarship Endowment
Leigh H. Hammond Agricultural and Resource Economics
Lemuel “Lem” Goode and Lucy Goode Animal Science Scholarship Endowment
Leonard and Frances Crouch Scholastic Achievement Award
Leonard W. Aurand Scholarship
Lewis A. Sikes Scholarship
Lewis Smith Perquimans County Scholarship
Livio Ferruzzi Memorial Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Lloyd T. Weeks Scholarship
Lorillard Tobacco Company Fellowship
Lt. Colonel Fred W. and Shirley C. Burt Agricultural Scholarship
Lynn and Beth Turner Student Leaders Scholarship Endowment

M. B. “Dutch” Gardner Memorial Scholarship
Margaret Pittman Horticultural Science Scholarship
Margie Collins Student Leaders Scholarship Endowment
Marie L. Holt Scholarship Endowment
Marion and Jane Dilday Scholarship
Marsha K. Prestage Agricultural Scholarship
Marvin and Grace Johnson Poultry Science Scholarship Endowment
Marvin McClam Agricultural Scholarship
Marvin P. Taylor Endowed Scholarship
Marvin R. Godfrey Scholarship
McLawhorn Crop Services, Inc. Agricultural Scholarship
Megan Mann Riggans and Will Riggans Memorial Scholarship
Mid-Atlantic Good Boosters, Inc. Scholarship
Mildred S. Edeson Scholarship Mitchell F. Allen, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Mose and Helen Kiser Scholarship
Murphy Family Farms, Inc. Scholarship

N.C. Ag Communicators Network Scholarship Endowment
N.C. State Fair Livestock Hall of Fame Animal Science Scholarship Endowment
Nance Family Agricultural Scholarship
NC State Ag Day Scholarship
NC State University Feed Science Scholarship
NCVMA Graduate Award
Neil and Nancy Webb Memorial Food Science Scholarship Endowment
Newton Beavers Scholarship Norfleet L. “Fleet” Sugg Scholarship
Norris Tolson Family College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Undergraduate Education Scholarship Endowment
North Carolina Agricultural Consultants Annual Agricultural Scholarship
North Carolina Breeder Hatchery Association, Inc. Scholarship
North Carolina Cattlemen’s Association Agricultural Institute Scholarship
North Carolina Cattlemen’s Association Scholarship
North Carolina Farmers State Alliance Scholarship
North Carolina Horticulture Council, Inc. Scholarship
North Carolina Junior Beef Round­Up Senior Showmanship Scholarship
North Carolina Meat Processors Association Scholarship in memory of John W. Long
North Carolina Pest Management Association Agricultural Institute Scholarship
North Carolina Pest Management Association Structural Pest Management Fellowship
North Carolina Pork Council Scholarship
North Carolina Section, American Society of Agricultural Engineers
North Carolina Seedsmen’s Association Scholarship
North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association Annual Scholarship
North Carolina Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers
North Carolina Soybean Producers Association Annual Scholarship Award
North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission, Inc. Scholarship
North Carolina Vegetation Management Association (NCVMA) Scholarship

Olaf and Rosa A Wakefield Alpha Zeta Scholarship
Olaf and Rosa A. Wakefield Scholarship
Oliver J. Hubbard Memorial Poultry Science Scholarship
Oscar S. Bleezarde Pre­Veterinary Scholarship

Paul Elam McCarthy Memorial Scholarship
Paul Henry Harvey Scholarship
Phyllis and Michael May Scholarship
Pi Alpha Xi Scholarship
Plant Food Association of North Carolina Scholarship

Quentin and Evelyn Patterson Scholarship

R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Fellowship
R. S. “Dad” Dunham Scholarship
Raleigh Garden Club Scholarship Endowment
Raleigh Hemerocallis Club Scholarship
Randall V. and Erika W. Canady Scholarship Endowment
Raymond F. Shearin Scholarship
Rick Smith Agricultural Institute Scholarship Endowment
Rigdon “Bob” Smith Agricultural Scholarship
Robert Andrew and Henrietta Fleming Agricultural Scholarship
Robert Brady Thomas Memorial Scholarship
Robert E. and Betty H. Cook Poultry Science Scholarship Fund for Excellence Scholarship
Robert E. Black Memorial Scholarship
Robert H. and Belle A. Tilley Fund for Academic Excellence Scholarship
Robert Lee Lewis Agricultural Scholarship
Robert N. Wood ­ NC Dairy Products Association Memorial Scholarship
Robert N. Wood Agricultural Scholarship
Robert N. Wood Memorial ­ Tobacco Foundation, Inc. Scholarship
Robert R. Fountain Memorial Scholarship
Roger and Phyllis McCraw Animal Science Scholarship Endowment
Ronald E. Sneed North Carolina Irrigation Society Scholarship
Rose and Ed Phillips Horticulture Scholarship Endowment
Roy A. Larson Floricultural Scholarship Endowment
Roy R. and Alice Barber Bennett Scholarship

S. Vernon Stevens, Jr. Scholarship
Sam and Stacy Pardue CALS Scholarship Endowment Honoring Lloyd and Joan Pardue
Sam D. Dewar Agricultural Education Scholarship
Samuel B. Tove Graduate Teaching Awards Endowment
Sanford Eugne Younts Family College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Scholarship Endowment
Scholarship in Memory of Pat Butler
Senator David F. Weinstein Scholarship Endowment in Crop Science
Severn Peanut/Hampton Farms Scholarship
Shelmer D. and Ruby Pardue Blackburn Endowed Scholarship (NCCF)
Southeast Top Agricultural Recruits Scholarship (STARS)
SSA/NCSA Agricultural Association Scholarship
Stephanie Christine Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Steve Coble Memorial Scholarship
Steve E. Smith Agricultural Institute Scholarship
Steven and Janet A. Leath Agricultural Scholarship

T. Clyde and Sally W. Auman Scholarship
T. Newton and Josephine Cook Scholarship
T. T. Brown Memorial Scholarship
T. W. Garner Food Company (Texas Pete) Scholarship
TCNC Eagles Award Endowment
Thomas H. and Ola Mae Parker Sears Scholarship
Thomas J. and Virginia S. Monaco Horticultural Science Graduate Fellowship Endowment for Diversity
Thomas L. Quay Wildlife and Natural Resources Experiential Learning Award
Titmus Foundation, Inc. Scholarship
Todd R. and Amy E. Klaenhammer FBNS Graduate Award Endowment in Food Microbiology and Functional Genomics
Tom and Louise Morris Scholarship
Tom and Nancy Bland Scholarship
Tom Hester Scholarship/Fellowship Endowment

Universal Leaf Agricultural Scholarship

Van S. Watson, Jr. Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Victor and Maryetta Jones Scholarship

W. B. “Bob” Jenkins Agricultural Scholarship
W. F. and Mozelle Parker Scholarship
W. Fentress Phillips Agricultural Institute Endowed Scholarship
W. J. Peele Scholarship
W. Ray Prince Poultry Scholarship
W.L. “Bill” Carpenter Scholarship
Wake County Farm Bureau Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Walter E. Ballinger Scholarship
Walter Ellis Everett Scholarship
Weed Science Society of North Carolina Endowment
Wilbur Leroy Roberts Soil Science Scholarship
Wilkes Area Poultry Association Scholarship
Wilkes County Scholarship
William A. Little Memorial Scholarship
William D. Toussaint Agricultural and Resource Economics Scholarship
William Hugh and Glenda Noble Johnson Endowment
William K. and Ann T. Collins/John T. Caldwell Alumni Scholarship
William Leslie Barnhill Scholarship Endowment
William Parker Edwards Scholarship
William S. & Melda B. Lamm Scholarship
William V. Esoda and Katyna Borroto­Esoda Fellowship
William Walton and Emily Inscoe Stevens Soil Conservation
Winslow Foundation Scholarship
Woodrow and Eunice Colclough Scholarship

Zack and Mary Ladd Scholarship
Zucker/Outdoor Equipment Distributors, Inc. Scholarship