Faculty Mentors

Mentors are essential to student success in the CALS Honors program.

Your role as a mentor will depend on which P.A.T.H. the student pursues. If the student is on the CALS Academic or CALS Study Abroad pathway, you will support and guide the student as he or she chooses courses, creates Honors contracts or selects a location to study abroad. 

If the student is pursuing the CALS Scholars pathway, you will serve as the research supervisor and will need to have a research program that the student can work on and develop an independent project.

Research mentors are responsible for:
  • Goal setting
    Work with mentees to establish goals to meet by the end of ALS 498H and ALS 499H courses
  • Research and teaching guidance
    Guide mentees in developing the necessary scientific knowledge and background to conduct the research or teaching
  • Writing support 
    Support the mentee in creating the project proposal
  • Resources scouting
    Assist in identifying the equipment, supplies and other resources necessary for the ALS 499H course
  • Project oversight
    Review the project proposal (ALS 498H) and final paper and poster (ALS 499H)
  • Verification of hours
    Ensure that the appropriate number of contact hours are met relative to the credit hours taken for both ALS 498H and ALS 499H
  • Final grade submission
    Obtain a grade form from the student and return it to the CALS Honors Program Office by the Friday of the first exam week (for both ALS 498H and ALS 499H)